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Health Insurance Education Resources

Looking for specific answers about health care plans? Explore our health insurance education pages.

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What Is Health Insurance?

Learn about the basics of health insurance, including how it works, what it covers and why it’s helpful.

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Types of Health Insurance Plans

Explore the different types and features of health insurance plans, from HMO plans to PPOs and more.

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How Much Is Health Insurance?

Learn about the different costs associated with health insurance, what affects those costs and the value of having a health plan.

The Value of Virtual Visits

Virtual visits are easy and convenient, allowing you to get medical care anytime, from wherever you are.

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Affordable Care Act

Read about the Affordable Care Act and how it can help you get more affordable health insurance.

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When and How to Enroll

Understand when enrollment periods are and how to approach getting a health insurance plan when you’re ready.

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Community Leader Resources

Get useful tools and resources to help you build confidence in your community’s health and wellness.

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Learn About Medicare

Find all the information you need about Medicare plans in our Medicare Education section.

Health Insurance 101

The more you know about health insurance, the easier it is to make decisions about the type of plan you need and save money on your health care. Let’s get started!


You pay a monthly bill, a premium, for the health plan and the insurance company pays part of the cost for covered medical services.


Your insurance company offers a preferred list of doctors, hospitals and other health care providers. Choosing a provider within the network should result in less out-of-pocket expenses for you.

To help you better understand your plan, we’ve defined five key health insurance terms you should know:

  • Copay
    A flat fee (e.g., $15) you pay for covered health services, such as a x-ray.

  • Deductible
    The dollar amount you must pay each calendar year before insurance begins to pay for certain health services. You pay the plan deductible first then coinsurance (%) may apply.

  • Coinsurance
    The percentage (%) you may pay for services after you meet the plan deductible. It's also known as "cost sharing."

  • Out-of-Pocket Maximum
    The most you pay for covered health care services during your plan's calendar year. All of your covered expenses go toward this maximum. Once you reach the maximum, your health care plan pays 100% toward covered services and you don't pay anything.

  • Premium
    The regularly scheduled amount of money you must pay each month to keep your insurance active.

This information is for illustrative purposes only and is being provided to help increase understanding of the impacts of some of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). It does not attempt to cover all of the law's provisions and is not intended as tax or legal advice. We encourage members to seek professional advice including legal counsel, regarding how the new requirements may affect you.

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