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Virtual visits

Ask your doctor about virtual visits.

Ask your Florida Blue provider if they offer virtual visits. These appointments give you the opportunity to receive ongoing care from your regular doctor when an in-person visit isn’t required or possible. Receive the care you need, all while social distancing.

Want to learn more about the value of virtual visits? Watch below!

Teladoc available 24/7

Talk to a doctor within minutes, even after hours and on weekends.

Skip the waiting room and talk to a health care professional by phone or video 24/7, even after hours or on the weekends. Simply request a visit, choose your consultation method, and a doctor will provide you with care normally within less than an hour.

You’ll receive timely treatment for non-emergency issues, and you can elect to send the results to your primary care doctor. If necessary, we’ll send prescriptions to the pharmacy of your choice.

Refer to individual policy benefits on telemedicine for Teladoc coverage information and member cost share details.

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Remote Health Tracking

In order to help monitor your health, Florida Blue or your provider may suggest a device to track certain aspect of your health.

Examples of these devices are weight scales, blood pressure monitors, peak flow and blood glucose meters, etc. These devices empower our members to receive ongoing results of important health measures and also provides data to better dialog with your providers and or case managers regarding your health condition and progress to make adjustment to your care plan.

eConsult with Specialists

Your primary care provider (PCP) may engage a quality specialist throughout the nation to determine your treatment plan without you ever leaving your doctor's care.

Many of our PCPs are utilizing eConsults to discuss your care needs with highly trained and teaching specialists across the nation. If your PCP utilizes eConsults they will provide you with clear direction on your treatment without the time, cost, and stress of visiting a specialist.


No waiting rooms or requesting time off work. Doctors are available 24/7 to treat you from anywhere.


Get access to the best names in specialty care now that your options are open to the entire state.


Along with preventative care, virtual visits cost significantly less than urgent care and emergency visits.

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