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From October 1 - March 31, from 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. local time, 7 days a week, except Thanksgiving and Christmas. From April 1 - September 30, from 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. local time, we are open Monday to Friday, except for major holidays.

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If you’ve been diagnosed with a new health condition, recently been in the hospital or want to feel better, our Care Management team can help.

There’s no extra cost for these services and no referral is needed. The Florida Blue Medicare Care Management team are your health care advocates. They work hand-in-hand with your doctor to help you feel better and live a happier, healthier life.

Programs and services include:

  • clinical support programs

  • mental well-being help

  • diabetes education

  • member advocacy

  • health coaching

  • supportive care

  • pharmacy help

  • money-saving programs

  • respiratory support

  • nutritional advice

  • community health resources

  • caregiver support

Call the Care Management team today to see how we can help support your health goals.
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  • Complex & Catastrophic Case Management: Re-admission Prevention - Re-admission prevention nurses are available for a home visit after your hospital discharge and will help you understand your discharge plan and coordinate any needs. We will help you maximize your benefits and use all available services including help with coordinating home care visits, durable medical equipment, medication management, transportation and other needed community services. Dedicated registered nurses, licensed clinical social workers and community health workers, registered dietitian, respiratory therapist and diabetes specialist are available to assist you and support your loved ones. Learn more

  • Chronic Condition Health Management - Our clinical specialists and health coaches are available to help you live a healthier life.

    •    Reduce your A1C – Meet with our Diabetic Educator and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist to learn how to better manage your diabetes. Learn more

    •    Breathe better and sleep better. Meet with our Respiratory Therapist to learn about proper use of inhalers and breathing equipment. Learn more

    •    Achieve your healthy weight and live your best life – Meet with our Certified Health Coaches.  Our team is specially trained to educate and support your weight-related goals, exercise goals, smoking cessation or any other health-related goals. Learn more

  • Mental Health -  Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Your Florida Blue Medicare plan includes support from a team of behavioral health and mental health specialists who will help you get the care you need to be your best self. Learn more

  • Community Health - Certified Community Health workers will come to your home and help you get connected to local community resources.

  • In-Home Health Kit Mailings - Keep your health on track with important screening kits such as tests for colon cancer screening and A1c. Members who are selected to receive these kits can complete these test kits in the comfort and privacy of their home. We will share the results with your doctor to help coordinate your care. Depending on your plan you may earn HealthyBlue Rewards when you complete and return a test kit.

  • In-Home Screening Visits - In-home check-ups with a nurse practitioner at no extra cost to review your medications and health history, conduct a physical exam and discuss health needs. We share the results with your doctor to ensure they are added to your medical record. Learn more

  • Health Reminders & Scheduling Assistance - We’re here to help you remember things like prescription refills and when to schedule preventive care appointments. We’ll even help you schedule your appointments.

  • Mobile Health Screenings - We offer access to mobile health and mammography buses at convenient locations near you at no extra cost. Mobile staff help schedule a follow-up visit with your doctor.

  • Kidney Health Support - Our Kidney Health Management program offered through Healthmap identifies chronic kidney disease (CKD) early. Learn more

  • Advanced Care Planning - Advance care planning can impact people of all ages at varying stages in their lives and health care journeys. Learn more

  • Medication Therapy Management Program (MTM) - Eligible members receive medication to help obtain better results at a lower price. Learn more

Last Updated: 10.01.2023