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In your community

You don’t have to look far to see Florida Blue in your community.

At our Florida Blue Centers, you’ll find helpful team members who provide honest, face-to-face answers and guidance. Our centers also provide health assessments, care programs, and nutrition classes — because every aspect of health matters to us.

We sponsor and host many local events that range from sports and fitness to cultural celebrations and the arts. From hitting the streets to run a 5k to highlighting the unique character of your community, Florida Blue is there.

For your well-being

We have a passion to keep every Floridian their healthiest — and that means taking a proactive approach.

You’ll have access to exercise classes, discounts on gym memberships and fitness equipment, nutrition guidance and addiction treatment. A healthier you is a powerful thing, one that can lead to a healthier family, a healthier community and a healthier state. And we're with you all the way.

For your loved ones

Part of caring for you is helping you care for your loved ones.

Florida Blue provides several resources that will make your life as a caregiver a little easier. You’ll get information to help you manage and access health information so that you can make informed decisions on their behalf when needed. We offer helpful tips on things like preventing falls, which can lead to great discomfort and serious problems. And most importantly, we’ll equip you with tools to take care of yourself as you give so much to take care of those most important to you. 

For your convenience

Life keeps you busy, so there are times when your care should come to you.

Get care from the comfort of home with 24-hour virtual services. Sometimes when you’re feeling sick, or just have questions, the last thing you want to do is wait for an appointment and then sit in traffic. Virtual care makes it quick and easy to get the medical services you need.

For those times you need to be seen in-person, we can help get you there with transportation services to your doctor’s appointments with easy-to-use ride share services.

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