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Machine Readable Files

Florida Blue is committed to helping consumers navigate through complex pricing for services. The Transparency in Coverage Final Rule requires issuers to publish machine readable files that identify costs pertaining to Products and Providers. Files will include negotiated rates for services from In-Network Providers, allowed amounts for Out-of-Network Providers and a Table of Contents (TOC). Florida Blue followed the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services guidelines for development of these files. Actual costs could vary based on many factors, including Product variations and Provider billing practices.

Important Note

These are very large JavaScript Open Notation (JSON) files (20GB to 70GB) that may take a while to download. If your system has limited capability, they may not be downloadable. Download speeds and time are dependent on your internet speed, browser and computer hardware.

To help you find the right Table of Content (TOC) Files and locate your In-Network Data and Out-Of-Network Data, please click here.

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