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Kidney Management Program

for Medicare Advantage members

Our Kidney Health Management program offered through Healthmap1 identifies chronic kidney disease (CKD) early and helps improve health outcomes for our Medicare Advantage members. It supports you with actionable clinical information to complement and make the most of your CKD or at-risk CKD patients’ current care plans. For patients with end-stage renal disease, Healthmap will collaborate with you and your patients to identify the appropriate therapy (dialysis or transplant).

This service is designed to support your patients’ health care plans between office visits by:

  • Addressing healthy behaviors and reducing comorbidities, including stress and behavioral health
  • Monitoring interventions/care gaps
  • Evaluating socioeconomic barriers that may impact CKD
  • Reconciling medications

This program is offered at no cost to you and your patients with or at risk for CKD. Only a minimal amount of time and resources are needed each month to participate with no paperwork or other administrative burdens. Your interaction with Healthmap is based on your preferences, taking place via the phone.

You decide if your patient will benefit from this program. If you do not think there is a benefit, you may simply opt out. 

1To ensure best practice and compliance with HIPAA, we have entered into a business associate agreement with Healthmap. Healthmap is authorized under HIPAA to request or share our member’s protected health information (PHI), without patient authorization, to facilitate care coordination services.

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