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Helping Your Florida Blue Patients Through Their Palliative Care Journey

Having to deal with a serious illness or condition can be trying and stressful times for a person, their family and their caregivers. No one should need to go through it alone. With our Advance Care Planning Program, your eligible1 Florida Blue patients will get the care they need while their families and caregivers also receive support. We will collaborate with you about your patient’s state of health throughout their illness or condition. The program includes:

1)    Advanced Care/Life Planning Services:

Living Well2, from Vital Decisions, offers patients advanced care and life planning services which:
•    Helps individuals identify their quality-of-life preferences and values
•    Assists individuals in actively and effectively communicating their priorities to family and physicians 
•    Ensures a more effective shared decision-making process occurs during this difficult time

2)    Palliative Care Delivery:

Our palliative care delivery providers and care managers, offer ethical, compassionate care for the patient. Our care delivery providers also provide support for your patient’s family and caregivers. Physical symptom management, spiritual, cultural, environmental and social factors are considered for their care. A physician from one of our palliative care delivery providers will be assigned to your patient. They will contact you to collaborate in the management of your patient’s care. When appropriate, members will receive help with the transition to hospice care. 

1 To be eligible for both components of the Advance Care Planning Program, Living Well and Palliative Care Delivery, a member must be enrolled in a commercial fully insured plan (all lines of business: Individual Under 65, Small, Mid or Large Group)
2 Members enrolled in a commercial fully insured plan or Medicare Advantage plan may be eligible for our Living Well component of the program offered through Vital Decisions.

More details about our Advance Care Planning Program can be found in the communications below:

May 2022