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Virtual Behavioral Health Treatment

Virtual health, often referred to as telehealth, has been used in clinical settings for many years. There has been a recent rise in its use in many areas of medical practice since the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Virtual health is the use of two-way, interactive technology to provide health care and facilitate patient-provider interactions. In behavioral health, virtual health has the potential of helping with the significant treatment gap by making services more available and convenient. 

  • General Benefits of Virtual Health 

  • For Practices:

    •    Reaching underserved populations

    •    Ability to see more patients

    •    Delivering more preventive care

    •    Offering more affordable care services

    •    Strengthening patient relationships

    •    Decreasing likelihood of no-shows for appointments

  • For Patients:

    •    Not having to travel to an appointment

    •    Not waiting as long to be seen for an illness

    •    Limited risk and exposure to infection

    •    Saves time and travel expenses

  • Virtual health options should be considered as an alternative to in-person services for these reasons.