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Questions about COVID-19 vaccines? Call our Hotline: 877-352-5830

For a limited time, all U.S. households can order up to four at-home COVID-19 tests from the government at These will be mailed to you at no cost. Americans are encouraged to use these at-home tests when they have symptoms of COVID-19 or planning to visit with immunocompromised or vulnerable individuals. The site also includes information on how to check if your existing FDA-authorized at-home OTC COVID-19 tests have new expanded expiration dates.

Talk with a Florida Blue Center nurse one-on-one for personalized support and answers to your questions. We're here for you Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. even if you're not a Florida Blue member.

Who is eligible for the vaccine?

  • Vaccines and boosters are available for everyone ages 6 months and up.
  • You’re up to date with your COVID-19 vaccinees when you have completed a COVID-19 vaccine primary series and received the most recent booster dose recommended for you by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).
  • If you have completed your primary series, but are not yet eligible for a booster, you are also considered up to date. Visit their site to learn more.
  • If you become ill with COVID-19 after receiving all COVID-19 vaccine doses recommended for you, you are also considered up to date. You do not need to be revaccinated or receive an additional booster.  

Receive the COVID-19 Vaccine at a $0 Cost Share

Florida Blue members with employer health plans, individual plans and Medicare Advantage plans will be able to receive the COVID-19 vaccination at $0 cost share.

Please note: Some grandfathered plans may have a cost share for preventive benefits. Please check your plan benefits.

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Additional Resources

If you need help finding your local department of health or need information on the vaccine distribution, visit the Florida Department of Health website. Use their vaccine locator to find a site near you. Plus, FDOH also has a pre-registration site where you can schedule your COVID-19 vaccination. You can also call and pre-register click here for a list of vaccine hotline phone numbers by county.

If you need further assistance, please reach out to us at 1-877-352-5830 to talk with one of our local Florida Blue Nurses or Community Specialists directly.

Until you are fully vaccinated, continue to wear a mask, wash your hands and watch your distance. The vaccine and continued vigilance are our best defense against COVID-19.

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