Florida Blue Medicare members, click here for coronavirus updates.

Virtual visits with your Florida Blue doctor

Now is the time to put the focus back on your health and well-being. It’s especially critical if you or a family member have canceled an appointment, have an underlying health condition or put off an annual checkup. Call your doctor to get care you may have been putting off and schedule a virtual visit.

We’ve made it easy to advantage of virtual visits and avoid a crowded office or possible exposure to the virus. A virtual sick visit or follow-up care is the same cost share as a regular office visit and you don't have to leave your home.

Get everyone’s care back on track with a virtual visit. It’s important to keep up with wellness checkups if you have kids, including routine vaccinations to help protect against other dangerous illnesses. Plus, it’s perfect timing to get school or sports physicals, or annual checkups for the adults, right from the comfort of your home, and wellness visits are at $0 cost share.

24/7 virtual visits with Teladoc

As long as COVID-19 is a health concern, most of our members will have $0 cost share for virtual visits with Teladoc. This includes those under 65 who buy their own coverage, Medicare Advantage members and most members who get insurance through their employers. (Check with your company’s benefits administrator to see if this service is part of your plan.)

Before your first Teladoc visit, you’ll need to set up an account and share your medical history. Doing this ahead of time will fast-track your visit requests. You can set up your account on Teladoc.com or in the app available in the Apple App or Google Play stores. Care is available in English and Spanish. Call Teladoc at 1-800-835-2362 if you have questions.

Please note: Teladoc cannot refer you for the coronavirus test.

mySanitas Chat

Patients of Sanitas Medical Center can also take advantage of $0 cost share virtual visits through the mySanitas app. Doctors are available 7 a.m.-8 p.m. seven days a week. Sanitas doctors can help you with next steps if you have coronavirus symptoms and need a test. You can download the mySanitas Chat app from the Apple App or Google Play stores. Care is available in English and Spanish. Visit mySanitas to learn more.

Feeling worried? Help is just a phone call away.

While we’ve transitioned our walk-in Florida Blue Centers to virtual support and services, our locally based nurses, community specialists and service specialists are just a phone call away. Our team can still answer questions about COVID-19 or testing site locations, community resources, navigating the health care system, plus connect you to valuable community services and solutions right in your neighborhood to help fill gaps, whether you’re a member or not, with finding food, utility and rent assistance, and many other types of relief programs. Call us if we can help: 1-877-352-5830, TTY 711, or click here to learn more.

In partnership with New Directions Behavioral Health, you can talk to specially trained behavioral health counselors 24/7 at no extra cost, even if you aren’t a member. You can speak with them about stress you may be feeling by calling the toll-free help line at 1-833-848-1762.

Please note: The counselors will not be able to assist you with questions about COVID-19 testing, treatment or give a referral for a COVID-19 test, so please call us at 1-877-352-5830, TTY 711 for help with those questions. If you’re seeking a referral for the coronavirus test, please consult with your local doctor by phone or the Florida Department of Health’s 24/7 COVID-19 call center at 1-866-779-6121 for a referral and local COVID-19 testing locations.

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Additional Resources

If you have questions about COVID-19, have symptoms and need help finding a provider to do a COVID-19 test, or you have any other concerns, please call us at the number on the back of your member ID card so we can help. We also encourage you to talk with one of our local Florida Blue Center nurses at 1-877-352-5832. Additionally, here are several websites you can use to find the latest details:

Additionally, here are several websites you can use to find the latest details: