We’re Here For You—What You Should Know About COVID-19

Posted on Sep 2nd 2020 by Florida Blue

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Looking for the latest updates and information about coronavirus? As a Florida Blue Medicare member, you have an ally in us! We’ve expanded our services and resources to help you move forward safely, and protect your health.

Now’s the time to put the focus back on your health and well-being. Schedule any doctor appointments, screenings and tests that you may have put off because of COVID-19. Research shows that older adults, especially those with preexisting medical conditions, are more vulnerable to having a severe case of the virus.

Most Florida Blue Medicare doctors now offer the convenience of virtual visits. You’ll pay the same cost-sharing as a regular office visit with a specialist, and $0 cost-sharing with your primary care doctor and behavioral health virtual visits.  

Many of us have struggled with feeling stressed, anxious or fearful because of COVID-19. That’s why Florida Blue Medicare has partnered with New Directions Behavioral Health. You can talk to specially trained behavioral health counselors 24/7 at no extra cost—that’s true even if you’re not a Florida Blue Medicare member. Just call the toll-free help line at 1-833-848-1762.

By now, we all know about the more common symptoms of COVID-19—mild to severe cough or difficulty breathing, fever, chills and sore throat, but evidence shows that a sudden loss of smell or taste, muscle aches, headaches or mental fog or confusion can be signs of COVID-19, too. And they typically appear before the more common symptoms. If you are you are experiencing any of these, you can check for COVID-19 symptoms, related risk factors, and find information at floridablue.com. Our interactive symptom checker is located at the bottom right hand side of your device.

If your doctor sends you to be tested, don’t worry. Florida Blue Medicare members pay $0 cost-sharing for testing, and we’re waiving the cost-sharing for all covered services for treatment of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis.

And, when you have fully recovered, showing no symptoms for at least 14 days, you can potentially save lives! Once you’ve had COVID-19 and have fully recovered, your plasma, called convalescent plasma, will contain important antibodies that can be transfused or injected into others suffering from the virus.

You can help our communities stay safe in other ways, too. Remember to wear a cloth face covering and continue social distancing whether you’re grocery shopping, visiting with loved ones or with others outside your household. It’s the right choice to help protect those around you. And encourage others to do the same.

To show your support, join our #GetMaskedFL conversation to help reinforce the importance of wearing a mask. Tell us why it’s important to you and who it helps in your life. You can also upload pictures, videos or essays that show or explain why you wear a mask: http://spr.ly/GetMaskedFL.

Your voice and images can help all of us support our community as we go forward safely together.

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