You May Earn $10 Reward for Getting COVID-19 Shot

Posted on Jun 3rd 2021 by Florida Blue

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We all want to get back to the things we’ve missed since COVID-19 stormed into our lives last year. That could be just a shot or two away for you.

The cost for the COVID-19 vaccine is $0 for most Florida Blue members.* And those who buy insurance on their own or get it through their job may receive a $10 reward** through Better You Strides for getting vaccinated this year. Log in to your account to claim the reward, which is for everyone 18 and older. (Medicare members are not eligible for this reward.)

We know you may still have questions about the vaccines’ safety and effectiveness. Talk with your doctor or pharmacist or speak with a nurse at a Florida Blue Center by calling 877-352-5830.

The vaccines were thoroughly reviewed before they were approved for emergency use. The clinical trials included a mix of races, cultures and ethnicities, as well as people with chronic health conditions, such as diabetes.

The Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention monitor the safety and quality of vaccines. That oversight is what brought a short pause on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine when six women developed blood cuts after getting the shot. At that point, nearly 7 million Johnson & Johnson doses had been given. The vaccine is available again.

No matter which vaccine you get, you may feel some side effects for a day or two, like arm pain or swelling where you got the shot, fever, chills, headache or muscle aches. Those are signs the vaccine is  working. And remember, you can’t get COVID-19 from the vaccine.

Even if you’ve had COVID-19, doctors recommend getting vaccinated for long-term protection, since it’s unclear how long natural immunity lasts after you’ve recovered.

Talk to your friends and family about the importance of being vaccinated. And encourage those who chose a two-shot regimen to get the second shot. It substantially increases their protection from the virus.

Let’s get through this together, one shot at a time.


*Some grandfathered plans may have a cost share for preventive benefits. Please check your plan for details.

**The $10 reward is applied to monthly premiums for members who buy insurance on their own, while those who get insurance through their job will receive the reward on a prepaid MasterCard.

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