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We are ready for the future of employment. We’re actively implementing new strategies to ensure a diverse and innovative workplace. 

INROADS, a non-profit organization that helps minority students get placed in corporate internships, was created on the belief that anyone, from anywhere, can be a great leader. This initiative is breaking barriers and building futures for the next generation. Its focus is on targeting, retaining, and promoting talent and leadership among Black, Indigenous, and other people of color.

Another milestone for us came when the Equity Alliance was launched in 2020, championing diversity, equity, and inclusion in both our communities and workplaces. 

Additionally, the Leadership Equity Alliance Program (LEAP) has partnered with INROADS. When students in the LEAP program graduate, interns can be hired directly into a management training program.

In 2021, we strengthened our recruiting pipeline by working closely with Florida’s historically Black colleges and universities. This decision has helped create a better connection between our enterprise, our foundation, and students to show that everyone belongs.

Through ever-expanding initiatives and education, we will continue to work to broaden the horizons of diversity, both within our organizations and throughout our communities. 

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