Volunteering Puts Things in Perspective for Judy Ellis

Posted on Apr 28th 2017 by Karen Thompson

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Congratulations to Judy Ellis, Organizational Performance Consultant! As part of our partnership with the Jefferson Awards Foundation Champion program, Judy was named Florida Blue's Volunteer of the Year. See this fun video of Judy being told she won the award.

Although it has never been an official part of her job, Judy is known by many for her volunteer efforts in our community. She has spent the past 20 years organizing special community service events and creating four successful programs that many employees across the company look forward to participating in annually. These programs include the Springtime Basket drive, the Back-to-School backpack drive, the Thanksgiving Feed-a-Family Program and the Holiday Adoption Program for Christmas.

Judy is also personaly involved in many other volunteer activities such as serving as a captain for JDRFsupporting the PACE Center for Girls, coordinating the Cathedral Arts Project and supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

“Volunteering helps me put things into perspective,” reflected Judy. “I’ve seen firsthand how people are struggling in our communities. Not only does volunteering make a difference in their lives, it also puts things into perspective and makes me appreciate what I have.”  
Here are some of the highlights of Judy’s perseverance over the years: 
  • More than 19,000 springtime baskets have been donated to foster children; 
  • More than 12,500 stuffed backpacks donated to foster children for back-to-school readiness; 
  • More than 1400 Thanksgiving baskets collected which feed multiple family members; and 
  • More than 5601 children with disabilities, foster children, disabled adults and needy seniors and families have been “adopted” by Florida Blue employees during the annual Holiday Adoption Program.

“I’m humbled to be recognized for doing something I love doing,” said Judy. “I want to thank all the employees that have participated in these and any other volunteer events sponsored by our company. They are all winners too!”

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Karen Thompson

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