How to Master a Video Interview

Posted on Feb 28th 2019 by Susan Senn

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Digital communication has dramatically changed the hiring process. Just five years ago, you would not have thought about searching for a job on a social media platform with just a hashtag. Yet, here we are, and the digital age has impacted the interview process in profound ways. If you are looking for a new job, you need to be ready for the changes.

One of the new enhancements to the interview process is the video interview.  Video interviews are conducted via tools like HireVue, with candidates viewing a series of prerecorded questions and then video recording their answers. But the video interview is more than just answering questions. The HireVue interview tool was developed as a way to ensure candidates possess the skills and competencies needed to be successful. Through computerized technology, the HireVue tool analyzes an interviewee’s word choice, tone, and expression when answering questions. There is rarely a right or wrong answer to an interview question; rather, the HireVue software detects levels of proficiency with competencies such as problem-solving and empathy. When looking for candidates, we start the process with video interviews.

Video interviews like HireVue are convenient for you because you can do them on your own time. When done correctly, they can set you up for the next stages of the interview process here at Florida Blue.

Here are tips on how to master the video interview:

  • Prepare your location. Make sure you are somewhere with a simple backdrop like a blank wall, with nothing to distract the viewer.  You want them to concentrate on you and what you are saying.
  • Project a confident demeanor and body language. Make sure you practice so you get a chance to see yourself on video. It seems simple, but make sure you sit up straight and look into the camera You want to show a clear image of your face. Make sure you make eye contact by looking directly into your webcam or camera.
  • Dress for success. Even though it is a video interview, you still need to dress like you would for a regular interview. Wear office-appropriate clothing for whatever can be seen in the camera.
  • Make sure there are no interruptions. You need to choose a quiet place where your family, friends, pets or roommates will not disturb you. 
  • Charge your phone or plug in your computer. Whatever electric device you use for the interview, make sure you have plenty of power and eliminate any technical glitches. Make sure you do a trial run.

If you are interested in learning more about online interviewing, watch this short video: How to do a Video Interview | Intro to HireVue 

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Susan Senn

Susan Senn is a human resources professional with over 25 years of experience in human resources as a generalist, recruiter, talent acquisition leader, and workforce planning. She has supported large, multiple location organizations as well as privately held start-ups. Her specialties include talent attraction & engagement, strategic organizational design, coaching & counseling managers, employee relations and workforce planning. Currently, she is the Enterprise Talent Engagement Manager, focusing on talent attraction, pipeline development, and talent programs supporting all companies under the GuideWell enterprise. Follow her on Twitter at @susanlsenn.

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