Tips for a healthy & safe road trip

Posted on Aug 31st 2011 by Florida Blue

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Going on a road trip? Put away those chips and look at these great tips we found about eating healthy on the road.
·         Prepare your own snacks – All you need are granolas, nuts, dried fruit, and/or snack mix. Get your containers, Ziploc® bags, mix and seal! One innovative mom also has everybody make their own bag and label them to avoid arguments.
·         Use the cooler – Fill up the cooler with water (always important).
·         Add some fruits & veggies – since you are bringing along a cooler, add some fruits, veggies (baby carrots are always a winner).
·         Dip into the hummus - Choose some hummus instead of a traditional dip. Or make your own salsa using fresh veggies and fruits. We found some amazing recipes for healthy home-made salsa from Eating Well.
·         Add the nutrients - Individually wrapped cheese is always great source of calcium. Go for the whole grain crackers instead of traditional chips. Or try some protein bars.
·         If you are stopping at a fast food place, has a fantastic list of the top 10 healthiest fast food restaurants

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