Why I am Privileged to Work With Veterans

Posted on Nov 11th 2017 by Pat Geraghty

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Bob Dylan said, “A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.”

And on this Veteran’s Day, I’m honored to stand with so many heroes. Whether you yourself served or you’re a family member of someone who did, you know the sacrifice that comes with protecting the freedoms we Americans enjoy every day.

Florida is home to more than 1.6 million veterans—it’s one of the most requested final duty stations. This means that veterans are an important part of the communities we serve every day.

There’s nothing more important to delivering on our mission of helping people and communities achieve better health than seeking out the best team members to fulfill that mission. That’s why here at GuideWell and Florida Blue we know the value of having veterans on our team—because statistically speaking, veterans demonstrate, on average, a 20% higher level of performance and team commitment. They also are more likely to seek out and stay at companies that are driven by a mission and that hold community and social issues in high regard. So we benefit from having veterans on our team—because it better equips us to meet the needs not only of veterans and their loved ones but also the entire population we serve. With hundreds of former military personnel like you on our team, we’re clearly very fortunate.

On a personal level, I’m humbled to have the opportunity to serve as your leader. Every day, I’m challenged and humbled to hear how people like you are contributing to the success of our company. So I’m privileged to be able to look to you for inspiration and innovation.

But let’s face it: the 18 million people across 12 states who we serve every day are the real winners here.  Because of dedicated and hard-working people like the veterans at GuideWell and Florida Blue, we are able to truly deliver health solutions to our friends and neighbors all across the state of Florida and everywhere else we do business.

Consider the words of Alexander Hamilton: “There is a certain enthusiasm in liberty that makes human nature rise above itself in acts of bravery and heroism.”

Hamilton’s words are as true in this moment as when he spoke them 250 years ago. Not just on Veterans Day, but it is everyday, we honor our veterans—our heroes.

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Pat Geraghty

Patrick J. Geraghty is chief executive officer (CEO) of Florida Blue, Florida’s Blue Cross and Blue Shield company, and a leader in Florida’s health care industry. Our mission is to help people and communities achieve better health. Florida Blue has more than 5 million health care members in the state. An additional 15.5 million people in 16 states are served through its affiliated companies. 

Geraghty is active in leading professional and community organizations. He serves as chair of the National Institute of Health Care Management (NIHCM), a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of America’s health care system. He also serves as the chair of the Florida Council of 100, a private, non-profit, non-partisan organization of Florida business leaders who advise the state’s governor on how to improve the economic growth of the state and the economic well-being of its residents.

A dynamic speaker, Geraghty is considered an expert voice on a range of health care topics including health care reform in the U.S., next-generation payment strategies, innovation in health care and the benefits of wellness and prevention programming. He has appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” “Fox Business News,” CNBC’s “Closing Bell,” The Wall Street Journal’s “Money Beat,” “PBS Nightly Business Report,” MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” and Bloomberg TV’s “Street Smart” and “Capitol Gains” programs. Geraghty also has been featured on the front page of The New York Times’ Business Day, in The Wall Street Journal, and in many other media outlets.

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