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Posted on Apr 21st 2017 by Florida Blue

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April showers bring May flowers...and tax deadlines. While filing your taxes probably isn’t your favorite springtime activity, it doesn’t have to be a total bust. Florida Blue doesn’t give tax advice, but we can give you a few tips for reducing your stress when you’ve got a big task ahead.

Reduce Stress by Being Prepared

Whether you’re filing your own taxes or just organizing your documents for the tax preparer, these easy steps will help you get ready to conquer the task (nearly) stress-free.

  • Pave the way – Gather all of your files and materials so that when you’re ready to start, you won’t hit any roadblocks.
  • Get set up for success – Find a time when you won’t be distracted and a quiet place with room to spread out.
  • Know the latest – Check online resources, like the IRS website, for what you need to know before, during and after you file your taxes.

A Break Might Give You a Fresh Perspective

If your eyes are strained from looking at the computer screen or you just need to clear your head for a while, try taking a walk. This will give your eyes and your brain a chance to rest. Plus, walking can be meditative. Who knows what inspiration may hit if you simply take a short walk and then get started again!

Don’t Forget to Check the Health Coverage Box

When you file your taxes, don’t forget to check the box to show that you had health coverage in 2016. For a reminder, here’s our blog post with details. https: Don't forget the Health Coverage Box on Your 2016 Return

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