Good news: Subsidies to help with premiums are not going away

Posted on Oct 19th 2017 by Florida Blue

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Note: If you have health coverage through Medicare or your employer, this announcement doesn’t affect you.

There has been a lot of chatter recently in the news about government health care subsidies going away. If you buy your own Florida Blue insurance for yourself or your family, here’s what you need to know.

Premium tax credits (subsidies) are not going away this year or next. If you qualify for this financial assistance based on your income, you’ll continue to receive this help, which lowers the cost of your monthly premiums. And just like this year, in 2018 you’ll still be able to get a subsidy as long as you qualify.

The government also recently announced that they will stop paying for cost-share reductions (CSRs). CSRs are extra savings on Silver plans for people with modest incomes to help lower the cost of doctor visits and other services. If you aren’t sure whether you have a CSR, you can look at your health plan number on the front of your member ID card. If it ends in an A, B or C (for example, myBlue 1604C), then you have a Silver plan. Even though the government has decided to stop paying for these CSRs, you don’t have to worry. You’ll keep saving on copays, coinsurance and deductibles—this year and next.

Don’t forget: 2018 open enrollment is November 1 through December 15.

The ACA is still the law of the land, which means all Americans are required to get and keep health coverage in 2018. If you’re a Florida Blue member, you’ll be receiving your 2018 health plan benefits and coverage in the mail soon. By December 15, either:

  • Choose to autoenroll in your current plan;
  • Choose a new plan.

We’re here for you. Please call us at 800-876-2227, visit a Florida Blue Center near you (click here for locations) or talk to your health insurance agent.

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