Stuck in a fitness rut? Try these new routines!

Posted on Sep 27th 2011 by Florida Blue

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Our team was in desperate need for some new workout routines. We tried the always fun LES MILLS™ programs at the YMCA, fiddled with yoga, had some serious fun with weights, but we wanted more.
We reached out to Maxwell Reeves, an Orlando-based National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) certified personal trainer. He put together great new moves for us, and we had to share. They are tough - tough in an I-can-feel-muscles-I-never-had kind of way!
Don’t believe us? Check out the first of his routines below:
1. Start with your feet together. Take a big step forward with your right foot to perform a lunge.  Push through your heel to come back to your original position.
2. Step out wide with your right foot, set your hips back, keep your left leg straight, and squat on your right leg.  Again, push through your heel to get back to your original position.
3. Now step back with your right foot for a rear lunge.
4. Complete the lunge complex by performing the movements with your left leg.
Have an idea for a work-out? Leave us a comment below and stay tuned for Part II of Maxwell's routine.

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You could not have picked a better coach than max, he's helped me go from 235# to 220# to a few months, you should try his bootcamp sessions for some spice....

Dan - that's great news! Congratulations on your weight loss. And we'll definitely look into his bootcamp sessions :)

I love doing this lunge routine myself as well as walking lunges (across the gym) and side to side running for agility. Thank you!

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