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Posted on Feb 6th 2015 by Sharon LaSure-Roy

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The great artist, Pablo Picasso said “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

As a child I firmly believed I was an artist.  Not only did I believe it, I embraced it.  I was constantly painting, drawing and as my mother called “making.”   Sometimes, I felt more at home with a pencil and a piece of paper than I felt with people.  My first income as a teenager came from painting portraits and landscapes for my dad’s coworkers.

The need to express ourselves is a basic human need.  We start as children drawing on paper, in books and in my case on walls.   Now instead of just pen and paper, we create art on a computer and other portable devices like mobile phones.  Many of us have even tried to enhance nature by adding filters on images before we post it to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Creating something can serve a deep-seeded emotion. When you make something, it makes you feel accomplished and I firmly believe art really is good for the soul. When I am creating something, it provides a way for me to relax and be at peace content to live in the moment.  I am like other creative souls; it feels good to focus on something you are making.

I was reminded how important art is to my well being after receiving a gift from my daughter for my most recent birthday. It was a book, with a simple title and an easy call to action: 642 Things to Draw.  The book couldn’t be more straightforward.

At first I was amused because I didn’t think I needed directions to tell me what to draw and where to draw. Yet simple instructions sometimes provide the best results.

The book gives the reader a random word and underneath it a blank space to draw, like a carrot, or a cupcake, or even Bob Marley.  I was intrigued, and picked up a pencil.  Before I knew it, I had not used my mobile phone for an hour and I was drawing and not just doodling.  It was fascinating because I realized I had not drawn in years and it felt good.  Just focusing on one item at a time was actually rewarding.

As a digital communications professional, I spend most of my time trying to connect and build relationships online. Now I was back connecting the dots and creating something unique to my own vision and me.   I think the book has helped me on a personal level as well; I have a tablet at my desk so I can draw when I am on a conference call or when I am home, I just pick up my book and decompress, drawing and “making” a difference for my soul.

Florida Blue also understands the importance of Art and its benefits, but the need for it in communities. That’s why Florida Blue is a featured sponsor for the 40th Annual Mount Dora Art Festival  and ArtFest Fort Myers. Both events take place on February 7 and 8.  If you do visit, join us at our Florida Blue booth for some creative fun.

642 Things to Draw

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Sharon LaSure-Roy

Sharon is a daughter, sister, proud mother & well-loved wife. She calls herself a #socialmedia storyteller and definitely not a guru. She is a proud graduate of Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism. Follower her on twitter at @sharonlroy and @chefandbride.

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