Smartphone Apps Help Manage Health and Fitness

Posted on Mar 27th 2015 by Florida Blue

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Telemedicine is only one way technology is improving health care. Here are some smartphone apps that help you manage your own health and fitness:
  • Healthy eating: Choose from a range of apps that provide detailed nutritional information on foods you’re eating and track your nutritional profile. Consider Fooducate or My Food Diary. When eating out, Seafood Watch is great for highlighting sustainable and endangered choices.
  • Weight loss: If you’re making an effort to drop pounds, you know it takes a combination of diet and exercise. For the diet side of the equation, consider Diet Point or Zipongo. They give you the information to make smart food choices and plan and cook healthy meals.
  • Exercise: For help with the workout side of fitness, there are lots of apps that track your progress, calculate your calorie burn and even give you reminders. Runkeeper is an excellent choice; so is My Fitness Pal. And Apple’s iPhone6 has its own multi-featured fitness app, Health, built right into the operating system. Pocket Yoga is another winner.
  • Health information: You never know when a question will come up concerning a health issue. There are apps for that too. Consider installing Everyday Health, or the mobile version of WebMD. And be sure to install our own Florida Blue app. It has a health toolkit section that’s packed with useful information.
So embrace technology. Whether you’re connecting with your doctor’s office or just trying to live better, it can play a leading role in helping you get healthy and stay that way. 1BenefitsPro Related articles: Health Care Goes Hi-tech

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