Students Receive Hands-On Experience in State-of-the-Art Florida Blue Simulation Lab

Posted on Jan 4th 2020 by Christie DeNave

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Health Science students at Hillsborough Community College (HCC) can now receive critical hands-on experience in a new simulated hospital thanks to a grant from Florida Blue. The Florida Blue Simulation Lab is a replica of multiple hospital settings including emergency rooms, pediatrics, intensive care and obstetrics. The lab is part of the new Patel Allied Health building being unveiled later this week. 

Lifelike patient simulation mannequins allow HCC students to receive realistic feedback and engagement with patients to develop their critical thinking, communication and clinical skills without risk to real patients. The simulation mannequins breath with breath sounds, heart tones, palpable pulses and other bodily functions. Students can perform procedures on the simulators in addition to monitoring vital signs with EKG, pulse oximeter and blood pressure. 

“The Florida Blue Simulation Lab will allow students from multiple health science programs, including nursing and EMT, to work together in conditions found in real-life situations,” said HCC President Dr. Ken Atwater. “This comprehensive training, encompassing replications of a wide variety of health emergencies from crisis to resolution, will make our students the most proficient in the Bay area.”

It is projected that over the next 10 years, the Tampa Bay community will need to add more than 50,000 jobs in the health care fields. HCC is responding to the growing need by expanding its resources in Health Sciences education. 

“Health science professionals are integral to community health. Their role and importance continue to grow as we look at more innovative ways to care for our Tampa Bay community both in and outside of traditional health facilities,” said David Pizzo, Florida Blue market president. “The critical thinking and hands-on experience they will receive at Florida Blue Simulation Lab will prepare them for the important role of caring for and keeping our communities healthy in the future.”

The funds given by Florida Blue to Hillsborough Community College are supporting scholarships, program support and enhancements to the new Patel Allied Health building and resources for students. 



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