Think You Don’t Need to See a Doctor?

Posted on Apr 17th 2018 by Florida Blue

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There are more reasons you need your Annual Wellness Visit than you think.

You’re healthy, in good shape and the type who never gets sick. You don’t need to see the doctor every year then, right? Not so fast. Checking in with your doctor regularly is important, even if you’re healthy. Here are a few reasons you don’t want to skip your Annual Wellness Visit.

To set a baseline for your health

Seeing your doctor every year helps build your medical record. Why is this important? The more your doctor knows about you and how your health has changed over time, the better they can take care of you. Not to mention, the better you know your doctor, the more comfortable you will be with talking with him or her about problems.

To catch health problems early

Sometimes, even just a minor change in your health, like an elevated blood pressure reading or a disruption in your sleeping patterns, can be a red flag. Your doctor can put these little clues together to determine if there is a bigger issue. And the earlier your doctor can catch a problem, the easier it usually is to treat.

To ask questions

Do you ever look in the mirror and wonder if that weird mole on your arm is normal? Or if you should be having such a hard time walking up the stairs? Write those worries and questions down and take them to your doctor. Your Annual Wellness Visit is your time to sit down with your doctor face to face and focus on your health. So ask away.

To save money

An Annual Wellness Visit with your doctor is part of your Medicare health plan. It’s no extra cost to you. An emergency room visit, however, can get pricey. Studies show that having a primary care doctor can reduce emergency room visits and overall spending on health care. Why? Seeing your doctor regularly not only helps catch problems earlier but also helps prevent some health problems entirely.

To earn rewards*

Eligible Florida Blue Medicare Advantage members can earn a reward for completing their Annual Wellness Visit. Click on to learn more.


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