There’s More Than One Way to Save on Prescriptions

Posted on Aug 30th 2018 by Jennifer Marko

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Health insurance benefits can seem complicated and hard to navigate, especially when it comes to pharmacy coverage. Even though I work in the health insurance field, I still sometimes need advice to be sure I’m getting the best value from my benefits. I’m happy to share this story so that you can benefit from my experience of saving money on prescription drugs.

Recently, our doctor called in a prescription for my husband to our regular pharmacy. A rep from the pharmacy called to tell my husband that the price would be $300 and asked if he still wanted to fill it. We haven’t met our deductible yet, so we’re responsible for this cost. Luckily, I knew about some of the options for saving on prescriptions, which we’ve recently put into this flier at

First, we talked about whether he actually needed the full 60 pills of this drug. Based on the last time he needed it, we calculated that he’d need only about 30. So, I compared the cost of just 30 pills at different pharmacies in my account at In this case, I found the best price was at Walgreens.

When I arrived at Walgreens, I told the pharmacy technician that I was trying to save money, and she told me to hold while she looked something up. Here’s what she found: the Walgreens price for this quantity was $200, and she had found a manufacturer’s coupon for $75 off, making my new total $125!

We shop for the best prices for everything else today, and health care and prescription drugs should be no different. We all have a budget, right? Remember, you can compare prices for drugs and medical services by logging in to your member account at or on the Florida Blue mobile app. I promise you’ll be glad you did.

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Jennifer Marko

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