Plan for 2020 in Small Steps

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Whether you’re kicking a bad habit or hope to crush your personal and professional goals in 2020, you are capable of staying track with the right focus and commitment. Here are some tips to get you started on the right foot: 

Be willing to take baby steps. If you decide to make big changes too quickly, you can derail your goals for behavior change. Small successes help you build momentum and support the larger changes you want to achieve.

Patience is the key. You won’t be successful overnight, so set realistic expectations for yourself. Negative habits are formed over time, and so are positive ones. Stick with it and change will come.

Set up specific goals. Being specific about what you want to accomplish will help you focus on what you really want to achieve. Instead of setting a goal of “getting into better shape,” strive to “go to the gym for 30 minutes, three times a week.”

Record your progress. Tracking your accomplishments will keep you accountable, and help you identify where could use more support. Plus, seeing how far you’ve come is a rewarding feeling!

Don’t try to do it alone. Your behavioral health benefit through New Directions can be the helping hand you need, all year long. Resources are available to help you with things like emotional well-being, relationships, health, resilience and more.  

Source: Life Advantages - Author Delvina Miremadi ©2019


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