A Health Care Team That Looks Out for You

Posted on Oct 9th 2018 by Florida Blue

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Keeping up with your health is hard enough as it is: making yearly wellness appointments, maintaining a healthy weight, staying motivated to move every day, and knowing when to get milestone check-ups like mammograms and colon screenings.

That’s where a patient-centered medical home (PCMH) comes in. When you find a PCMH, you’ll get a team of health care pros working together to look out for you and your needs.

Up Close and Personal

Because your primary care doctor is at the center of a PCMH team, it means your care will be integrated and tailor-made just for you. Is your blood pressure creeping up? Your team of doctors can see your numbers at a glance and take action if necessary. Are you living with diabetes or high cholesterol? Then you know what kind of coordination it takes to stay on top of your condition. Imagine being able to get every test and checkpoint all in one place—and have nurses and doctors actually talking to each other about how to best care for you!

The bottom line: Having a PCMH means you’re not in it alone. You have other people looking out for you.

Nice and Easy

If you work a 9-to-5 job, then you know how hard it is to take care of business. That’s why many PCMH locations offer extended office hours. They want to make one thing on your to-do list a little easier—and without having to miss work to do it.

Here’s how to find a PCMH near you:

Log in to your online account, click on Tools, Find a Doctor & More, and select Patient-Centered Medical Home in the drop-down menu under “Programs.” Here’s what it will look like:

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