Oral Health for Overall Health

Posted on Jul 25th 2016 by Robert Lewando, D.D.S.

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Florida Blue is committed to the communities it serves and the health of its members. That’s why we support a multifaceted approach to optimum oral care called Oral Health for Overall Health.

Why Oral Health for Overall Health?

Dental health can influence conditions such as diabetes, oral cancer, coronary artery disease (CAD), as well as low birth weight and premature babies. A relationship exists between a healthy mouth and overall good health. That means it's important to get regular preventive dental care to help maintain your good oral health and overall health.

Does my BlueDental Plan qualify me for Oral Health for Overall Health?

You may qualify for Oral Health for Overall Health if you have one of the following BlueDental Plans and have a qualifying condition such as diabetes, coronary artery disease (CAD) or oral cancer.  Florida Blue also extends this program to women who are pregnant.  Qualifying plans are as follows:

  • Blue Dental Choice
  • Blue Dental Choice Plus
  • Blue Dental Copayment
  • Blue Dental Freedom

On your Member ID card, if under Plan Type it references GROUP/INDIVIDUAL, you're eligible.

If you have questions regarding eligibility, contact Customer Service at 888-223-4892.

Benefits of Oral Health for Overall Health program include:

  • Delivering oral health education to you through our dental website, blog and member newsletters
  • Engaging with you while you’re enrolled in this program to remind you of the additional dental benefits that are available to you through Oral Health for Overall Health
  • Removing financial barriers beyond your standard dental benefits when visiting an in-network provider. That means all of the Oral Health for Overall Health benefits you receive won’t require a:
    • Copayment, or
    • Deductible, and
    • Benefits are covered outside the annual maximum.

This program is designed to help make it easier than ever for you to maintain good oral health, which may help improve your overall health in return.

As a reminder, practice these top tips to help maintain a healthy smile:

  1. Brush your teeth at least twice a day,
  2. Floss in addition to brushing, and
  3. Get regular dental checkups.

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Robert Lewando, D.D.S.

Bob Lewando is a periodontist and works with the Florida Blue Dental Program. He has an interest in the connection between oral and overall health and has tried to develop dental plans for patients that will try to keep them healthy. Bob enjoys outdoor activity such as hiking, bicycling, or attempting to garden.

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