Your Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Checklist | What You Should Know When Buying Health Insurance

Posted on Oct 30th 2015 by Beth Hinojosa

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When you sign up for a health plan, there are a lot of things to think about. Use the checklist below to help you get ready and then talk to us one-on-one. We can help you choose the best coverage, at the right price, for you or your family. Below is the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) checklist which will help inform you on what you should know when buying health insurance.

Gather some personal info about your household now, so you’ll have it handy when you’re ready to sign up:

  • Your income tax information from the previous year

  • The number of dependents you claim on your taxes

  • Your zip code

  • The birth dates for everyone who will be covered

  • Social Security Numbers for everyone who will be covered

  • Information about any health insurance provided by an employer

  • Your email address

Find out if you can get help paying for your health plan.

If you are not offered health insurance through your job, you may qualify for government financial assistance to help you pay part of your monthly health plan bill. This is called a ‘subsidy’ or premium tax credit – the amount depends on things like:

  • Your income

  • Age

  • Where you live

  • The size of your family

We can help you find out if you qualify for a subsidy, and how much, and then enroll you in a Qualified Health Plan offered by Florida Blue.

Know your budget

We have a lot of health plans to choose from, so think about your budget and your needs.

Make a list of questions to ask us.

  • Am I eligible to keep my current health plan?

  • Can I still go to the same doctor and same hospital?

  • How do I find a new doctor who is part of my health plan?

  • How much will I pay when I go to my doctor or have a hospital visit?

  • Do I need a referral from my primary care doctor to go to a specialist?

  • What drugs are covered?

  • How much will my medications cost?

  • What are my pharmacy choices if I need a prescription?

  • Are there any special services to help me if I have an ongoing health condition, like diabetes?

  • What is the difference between my in-network and out-of-network benefits?

  • What is a copay, deductible and coinsurance?

  • Do I need any prior approvals for services or medications?

  • How do I get dental coverage?

  • What happens if I’m in an accident?

We can walk you through health plan options, the monthly cost of the plan and explain what medical services it covers. And make sure you get all of the financial assistance you deserve. To find an agent locally, please visit our Find an Agent section on our website or please visit us at any one of our retail locations. Simply, go visit our Find a Location to find the closest location to you!


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Beth Hinojosa

Beth Hinojosa is the Senior Director of Stakeholder Communications at Florida Blue. When she’s not focusing on the needs of our members, providers and agents, she can be found painting, playing tennis or chasing her Siberian Husky, Sasha.

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