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Posted on Apr 12th 2016 by Sharon LaSure-Roy

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We are continuing our series on some of our Florida Blue volunteers.

Meet Betsy Haddad who is a Provider Solutions Advisor.  She works in our Lake Mary Office and has been volunteering all of her life.

Betsy, why is volunteering important to you?

My family set a strong example of volunteering in our community and my parents still do volunteer work today. I grew up believing that giving something of ourselves to those in need is part of being a responsible and caring citizen. I value volunteering because I have seen its benefits. I believe society functions best when we are mindful of the needs of others.

Since your family set such a great example, how did you first get involved with volunteering?

In 2006, I attended a meeting of the new local branch of the Independent Transportation Network, which was just starting its efforts in Orlando as a provider of driving services for seniors and those who cannot drive themselves. I have been a volunteer driver for them ever since. Last year I also became certified as a volunteer visitor for VITAS hospice, along with my dog, Penny the pug.

That is great Betsy that seems like it takes a lot of time. How do you manage your time between work, volunteering and other commitments?

As a single mom of two boys, with a full-time job, a house and three pets, I’m often asked how I find time! I am always humbled by this question. A line from one of my favorite hymns says, “No arm so weak but may do service here.” To me, this means that anyone who wants to do so can make some kind of contribution. I just fit it in where I can.

We see you are very humble and that means a lot to others who may struggle with how to volunteer. What is one piece of advice you have about volunteering?

If we all do just a little, we can achieve so much. It’s not the amount of time you have to give; it’s your willingness to give it that matters. Some folks are blessed with money that they can contribute; others of us can better serve with our time and energy. You don’t need a whole day or even a whole afternoon to volunteer. Just an hour or a single call can help. Rest assured, any place you choose to offer your services will be glad for whatever you can do!

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