My Kind of Blue

Posted on Oct 9th 2018 by Florida Blue

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When you’re part of the Florida Blue family, your membership goes far beyond doctor’s visits. We want you to feel good saying, “That’s My Kind of Blue.”

We’re in your neighborhood.

Free exercise and nutrition classes to everyone in the community? In-person help for all your health insurance questions? Quick and easy health snapshot from a registered nurse? Yes, please. Find a Florida Blue Center near you.

We’ll weather the storm with you.

Florida is our home, too. And through our Florida Blue Foundation, we’re committed to taking care of our neighbors. Read more about how we’re involved in the community.

We’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re fresh out of college, juggling work and family life or choosing not to let age define you, we give you choices. Check out our family and Medicare plans.

We’ve been around the block a few times.

For 75 years, we’ve been committed to helping Florida’s communities stay healthy. And no matter what happens in the news, we’re here for the long haul. Read more about us here.

We like your style.

There’s no one like you. Prefer to take care of business on your phone? We have an app for that. Want to sit down with someone to help you navigate the ins and outs of health care? Find an agent near you or stop by a Florida Blue Center. Need a little nudge to get motivated? We can relate. You’re unique, and your health care experience should be, too! 

We know how to network.

No matter what plan you choose, you should be able to see a doctor you trust. We work hard day in and day out to make sure you can get the quality care you deserve from doctors and hospitals across the state. Find a doctor near you.

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