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Posted on Oct 16th 2017 by Jeffrey Minton

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In his free time, Orville Weir is a recording engineer who is passionate about producing music that is unique from anything anyone has ever heard. In his role as a Service Advocate in the Federal Employee Program (FEP), he’s equally passionate about creating a one-of-a-kind, positive experience for each and every customer he assists.

According to Orville, success in both areas requires making a personal connection and leaving the listener—or member—feeling better than they did before. Working in the contact area of FEP for the last year, Orville has had no shortage of opportunities to do just that—taking 30 to 50 service calls each day from members employed by the U.S. government, including judges, politicians, civil servants, postal workers, members of NASA, legislative staff, and members of the armed forces.

On any given call, he could be asked to help with anything from finding out why a medical bill wasn’t paid to guiding a member through the process of transitioning to Medicare. He is also among those in FEP who handle elevated service calls from providers seeking information on complex issues outside of eligibility and claims status.

Before working in FEP, Orville spent about a year in the telesales department as a contractor, an experience he calls an invaluable introduction to our company. He said working in telesales during the busy Open Enrollment Period taught him a lot about health insurance industry in a short amount of time.

Orville is currently preparing for the open enrollment period for FEP which runs from the second week in November to the second week in December and service advocates like him will be busy fielding calls from new federal employees seeking information on signing up for a plan. 

Regardless of who’s calling or what the needs are, it's Orville's goal to make sure the person on the other end of the line knows that he cares about their issue and wants to help.

“That human connection makes a huge difference,” said Orville. “I want them to get off the phone with me confident that I understood what they were going through, that I handled whatever they needed and they feel better about their situation and being an FEP member.”

Ironically, the most difficult part of his job can also be the best, as hearing first-hand accounts from customers about their personal situations can be both heartbreaking and inspirational.

“I talk with so many members and each one has a unique story. Listening to someone share their hardships and that they're dealing with a serious illness can be difficult,” he said. “But then, hearing from a member who has overcome cancer and is thanking me for my small part in helping them get through it is thrilling.”

Orville said that type of feedback is one example of how his role directly impacts our company’s mission of helping people and communities achieve better health.

“Knowing that my team and I are out there standing on the front lines fighting for our customers, and to hear how appreciative they are is the most rewarding part of my job.”

You could say it's music to his ears.

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Jeffrey Minton

Jeffrey Minton is a part of the Enterprise Communication team in Jacksonville, Florida. Outside of work, he enjoys running, playing guitar and spending time with his wife and two daughters.

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