Michele Wilson's Breast Cancer Survivor Story

Posted on Nov 11th 2014 by Karen Thompson

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In the final article in our breast cancer survivor seriesMichele Wilson, sales analyst, large group enrollment operations, shares her recent breast cancer diagnosis and the journey toward surviving. In June of this year, Wilson went for her annual mammogram. A few days later she received a phone call asking her to come in for a second mammogram – the doctor had seen some changes and he just wanted to be sure it wasn’t anything serious. Wilson didn’t think too much about it, and scheduled the appointment. Less than a week later she was having a biopsy. Two days later she was told to make an appointment with a general surgeon.

breast cancer survivor

“The doctor called with a ‘good news, bad news’ scenario,” said Wilson. “I had cancer, but it was a very low grade, at zero stage and highly curable. I was very lucky.” On July 29 of this year, Wilson had a lumpectomy. The margins came back clear, meaning they got all the cancerous cells. “Even though I had the best possible scenario, it’s not a cake walk,” said Wilson. “It’s still very painful and I have to undergo seven weeks of radiation.” Since her diagnosis, Wilson has found a way to reach out to others and participate in breast cancer events, and even walked the runway in a cancer survivor’s fashion show. She also credits family, friends and her faith for helping her through the last few months. “I knew I was already strong, but this has made me even stronger,” reflected Wilson. “It’s really changed my outlook on life and living. I’m more involved with my community and I hope to become a beacon for others who have been diagnosed.” Have you scheduled your mammogram for this year? Read our blog on What You Should Know About Mammograms so you are ready!

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Karen Thompson

Karen Thompson is a Communications Consultant for Florida Blue. When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with her two rescued pit bulls and hanging out with her friends and family. You can follow her on Twitter at @ktmarieFL.

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