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Posted on May 14th 2018 by Florida Blue

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Have questions about what screenings and tests you need to take care of your health this year?

Florida Blue wants to make it as easy as possible for our Medicare Advantage members to get the care they need. Getting preventive screenings and tests each year helps your doctor understand what’s going on with your health. These screenings also can detect health problems early, when they are often easier to treat. That’s why we recently mailed you a handy checklist, tailored to your health needs. And the good news is all of the tests and services mentioned in the checklist are available to Medicare Advantage members at no extra cost when they use a doctor in their plan’s network.

So make sure to share this checklist with your doctor to see how you can get the most from your plan. Your doctor knows best which screenings you need. If you already got one of the tests or screenings on your list, that’s great! Our information was current as of March 7, so you may have seen your doctor since then.

Depending on your plan, you may be able to earn gift cards for completing some of the tests and screenings you need, too. Our HealthyBlue Rewards program is open to select Medicare Advantage members. To find out more, visit You can also read this blog on HealthyBlue Rewards.

If you haven’t got your personalized checklist in the mail yet, check out these screenings and tests. Then, make sure to talk to your doctor about it.

Your Annual Wellness Visit

This should be the first visit you make to your doctor each year. It gives you a great opportunity

to discuss your overall health and make a plan for staying healthy in the coming year. This visit is different from an appointment you have when you’re sick. It’s a great time to have your doctor listen to what your concerns are around both mental and physical wellness. Eligible for HealthyBlue Rewards.

Your Colon Cancer Screening

Colorectal cancer is a leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States. However, routine testing can actually prevent many cases of colorectal cancer or find it early. Different types of colon cancer screenings are available. Some of these are simple tests that can be done in the privacy of your home and require no preparation. Talk to your doctor about which option is best for you. Eligible for HealthyBlue Rewards.

Your Mammogram

A mammogram is one of the most important regular tests a woman can get. Mammography has helped curb breast cancer deaths in the U.S. by nearly 40 percent since 1990. New technology makes this screening more comfortable and more accurate. Get your mammogram to help catch breast cancer early, when it may be easier to treat. Eligible for HealthyBlue Rewards.

Your Bone Mineral Density Test

A bone mineral density test is a quick and painless test that helps your doctor see if you need bone-strengthening medication. It is an important test for osteoporosis, which is the most common type of bone disease. Osteoporosis causes your bone tissue to become thin and frail over time and leads to breaks.

Checking Your Kidney Function

This simple test checks for protein in your urine, which may be an early sign of kidney damage. In America, 30 million adults have chronic kidney disease, and millions of others are at increased risk. Kidney disease may eventually lead to kidney failure, requiring dialysis or even a kidney transplant. So it’s important to get your kidney function checked regularly.  

Eligible for HealthyBlue Rewards.

Your A1c Test

People living with diabetes should have a blood sugar test (also known as hemoglobin A1c) at least twice every year. This test is important not only for diagnosing diabetes but also for making sure your diabetes is under control and your treatment is working well. Eligible for HealthyBlue Rewards.

Your Retinal Eye Exam

Regular eye exams are important, but people living with diabetes need another test: a retinal

eye exam. Getting this exam can help your doctor find pro prevent vision loss. Should your eye doctor find this issue during the exam, the treatment is quick and painless. Eligible for HealthyBlue Rewards.

Managing Your Cholesterol

Certain drugs, called statins, can help lower your cholesterol and protect your heart. Taking a

high-dose statin may help. People living with heart disease should also eat a heart-healthy diet

and exercise often.

Controlling Your Cholesterol

Talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you have questions about what medications are right for you and about how to protect yourself from heart disease.

Managing Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

Pain associated with RA may get better or worse from time to time, and your medication needs

can change as well. Regular visits to your doctor help monitor how you’re responding to

treatment and may help prevent permanent joint damage.

Ways to Manage Your Medications

Your doctor or pharmacist can help you manage your medications. Getting a 90-day supply of your medications may help. You can also have your drugs mailed to you at home. Call AllianceRx Walgreens Prime at 1-888-211-9028 to set up mail order delivery.

Controlling Your Blood Pressure

Checking your blood pressure regularly is one of the most important screenings because high

blood pressure usually has no symptoms. That’s why it’s a good idea to see your doctor at least twice a year to make sure your blood pressure is where it should be.

Your Annual Flu Shot

Your Florida Blue plan covers a flu shot every year at no cost to you when you get your shot from a network provider or pharmacy like Walgreens, Publix or Winn-Dixie. Eligible for HealthyBlue Rewards.


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