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Posted on Oct 1st 2018 by Florida Blue

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It’s fall. That means there are signs and ads everywhere telling you it’s time to get your flu shot. Many who opt out of getting a flu shot usually say something like “I never get the flu. I don’t need it.” The problem with that is getting a flu shot really isn’t about you at all.

When you get a flu shot you are actually protecting everyone around you — your grandchildren, your neighbors, your friends, even the cashier at the grocery store benefits from you getting the vaccine.

Here’s why: When at least 70 percent of people in your community get vaccinated against the flu, it protects everyone else, too. But if you don’t get your flu shot, you are actually reducing your community’s “herd immunity,” and increasing everyone else’s chances of getting sick.

So who benefits most when you get a flu shot? Babies, children and adults over 65 get the most out of herd immunity because they are more likely to suffer complications from the flu if they get it. When you and others in your community get your flu shot, you are doing your part to make sure fewer people get sick and face complications from this deadly illness.

According to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, last year’s flu season resulted in more deaths and hospitalizations than any other flu season on record. Around 80,000 people died due to the flu or complications from the flu last year. Less than 40 percent of children and adults got their flu shot last year.

The more adults who step up and get the flu shot, the better your community will be protected and the fewer hospitalizations and deaths there may be. Do your part and protect your loved ones today by getting a flu shot this year.

Remember, as part of your Medicare health plan it’s no extra cost to you to get a flu shot when you get it from a doctor or pharmacy in your plan’s network. You can also get a flu shot at your local Florida Blue Center.

And depending on what BlueMedicare plan you have, you may be able to earn rewards just for getting it.

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