Looking For a New and Challenging Workout That Gets You Out in Nature?

Posted on Sep 26th 2017 by Marilu Cristina Flores

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Rowing not only helps you build cardiovascular endurance but also helps you build muscles in your calves, quads and glutes. 

An added benefit is enjoying the outdoors! Health experts recommend 10 minutes of moderate sun exposure a day to receive a healthy, natural and beneficial dose of Vitamin D. Exercise wise, you can burn almost 100 calories from only 10 minutes of moderate to intense rowing!  

Another great thing about rowing is many gyms and fitness centers now also offer rowing machines. So if a body of water and equipment aren’t easily accessible, you can still sample this intense and satisfying workout option. 

With any new fitness program, it is always important to consult your physician as well as a properly educated trainer. Keeping good form and using equipment properly helps to prevent injuries. If trying an ERG is something you’re interested in, consult your doctor and then speak to a trainer at the facility where you will be rowing.

As we celebrate our partnership with the World Rowing Championship taking place September 23rd - October 1st join the excitement and try a new workout, it may just inspire you to get outdoors and try something new!


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Marilu Cristina Flores

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