Spread Some Holiday Cheer with These Last-Minute Health Gifts

Posted on Dec 4th 2020 by Latondra Steele

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Some say the holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year. But not for you. Because it’s also the season for gift giving. Bah humbug! But you’re no Scrooge. You actually enjoy giving gifts. What you don’t look forward to is figuring out what to get for the special people on your list.

Has your holiday gift shopping fallen victim to procrastination? Are your loved ones tired of receiving a scarf or tie from you year after year? If so, there’s still time to turn things around. This year, you can give a very valuable gift—the gift of health.  

We’ve got some gift ideas that can help your loved ones kickstart or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Good Nutrition – A poor diet can lead to a number of diseases such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes and stroke. So, it’s no wonder more and more people are making a conscious effort to improve their diet. Know someone with diabetes? Consider getting them a cookbook with diabetic-friendly recipes. Purchase a cooking class for the relative who lacks culinary skills, or a healthy meal delivery service for busy parents who don’t have time to cook. 

Family Fun – Did you know that activities like bowling or skating can increase metabolism and burn a ton of calories? They are also a fun way to help those you care about get some exercise while spending time together as a family. Treat a family you know to a fun outing at the bowling alley, a skating rink or even a trampoline park.

Fitness Anywhere – Gone are the days of having to sweat it out at the gym to accomplish fitness goals. It’s just as easy and convenient to get in a good workout at home or in a hotel room while traveling. There are many workout DVDs out there to accommodate a variety of fitness tastes and levels. Plus, portable exercise equipment such as hand weights, resistance bands or a kettle ball can be just the gift needed to help someone on your list to start or enhance an exercise routine.

Relaxation – Just engaging in 5-10 minutes of a relaxation activity a day can help manage stress, lower fatigue, improve sleep quality and reduce anger and frustration. Who wouldn’t be elated to receive a much-needed massage session from a local spa? A gift basket filled with bath salts, gels, soaps, and scented candles can allow someone to experience a luxurious spa bath at home. Encourage someone to sip their way to relaxation with an assortment of teas or hot cocoa.

Health is the gift that keeps on giving. You’ll feel good about giving thoughtful, health-conscious gifts that can enhance your loved ones’ wellness. It’s time to ditch those ties and scarves!



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Latondra Steele

After a 20-year hiatus, Latondra recently relocated back to the Sunshine State and now works as an internal communications consultant at Florida Blue. As a true communications explorer, she enjoys helping people and organizations say the right things to the right people at the right time. She has a BS in Journalism from Florida A&M University and a MS in Communications from Purdue University. You can follow her on Twitter at @ Steele_I_Rise, especially if you’re a guinea pig owner!

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