Why Pediatric Flu Shots Are Important

Posted on Oct 10th 2017 by Sarah St. John

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There is so much information out there regarding the flu shot, and you see signs all over the place promoting “free flu shots” … but are they right for your children?  In a nutshell, I believe the answer is YES!!

We all have stories about our children’s first month in daycare or kindergarten … how many of them brought germs home and infected your whole household?  I have friends who have elderly parents living with them as well, so their whole house was on lock-down while they recovered from colds and flu.

And remember, even though the flu is a more serious viral infection than a cold, when your body is weak from battling infection or another virus, this is when you are the most susceptible.  For children it becomes even more critical because since they are so little, their wind pipe is also little and they can develop serious respiratory problems very quickly.

Although you may see a sign for free flu shots, many places will not administer to people younger than 18.  Your pediatrician is the best source for your child’s vaccinations.  It is suggested that flu vaccines should be given starting at 6 months old, and then yearly.  Many pediatricians make it as easy as possible for your child to receive the flu vaccine by offering extended hours, open office hours, and quick appointments specifically for flu vaccination.  They keep a printable record (DH Form 680) so you can take to your child’s school or day care as well.

Don’t wait until the whole family is suffering!  Get everyone immunized today!!


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Sarah St. John

Sarah is originally from England, but graduated from Algonquin College School of Nursing in Canada … that’s right Canada. She came to Florida upon graduation and has worked as an RN in many capacities, both clinical and administrative. Sarah is active in the classic car community in Jacksonville, FL. She proudly became an American citizen in 2009. Sarah is currently working at Florida Blue as a Clinical Quality Improvement Specialist.

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