How to Get a Workout from Your Vacation

Posted on Aug 1st 2011 by Florida Blue

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Vacations are brilliant and such fun to have. What is not so much fun is the post-vacation doldrums - the unpacking, the getting back to everyday life and the dreaded check-in with your scale.
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We’ve been thinking a lot about this conversation all of us have to have with our scale post-vacation. So here are some tips we gathered about ensuring that scale does not spew out unwelcome truths to you post-vacation.
  • Water – drink plenty of it! Not only does it keep you hydrated, it also helps you feel fuller. Remember the 8x8 rule.
  • Walk – wherever you vacation, you will run into the inevitable choice of either taking the stairs or the elevator, walking vs. biking or driving. Always choose the calorie-burning option when weather allows and conditions are safe.
  • Pack the resistance band or pedometer, or even a jump rope. These space saving fitness gears will remind you of your goals and help you get in a quick workout.
  • Go for a run. What better way to explore a new place than going for an early morning run. Take the family with you and make it quality family time.
  • Go for the healthy alternative. Food is such an important part of a vacation. But good food does not always have to be unhealthy. Try out an ethnic vegetarian restaurant, or buy some ready to eat fruits and veggies to keep in your hotel fridge. So when you feel like snacking, you won’t over-indulge on that tempting pizza delivery or the choices in the vending machine.
  • If your budget allows, choose a place which encourages wellness and health, like a spa vacation.
  • Make full use of your hotel’s gym or swimming pool. A daily swim or a 30 minute jaunt at the gym is a great start to a day.
  • If you have an iPhone or an Android, it’s like taking your very own health and nutrition expert with you. Check out these links from Mashable to see what great health apps are available from the iPhone or the Android to help manage your health. 

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