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Posted on Feb 12th 2013 by Kate Warnock

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Sometimes a visit to your local Florida Blue Center is more than worth your time. Here's a great story of helping member's save money using the Florida Blue Center. Mr. B stopped in the Winter Park Florida Blue Center after he learned he had a basal cell cancer spot on his nose.  (Basal cell carcinoma is the most common form of skin cancer, accounting for more than 90% of all U.S. skin cancer cases.)  He explained to Ellen Smith, R.N., a Center care consultant, that his doctor had arranged outpatient surgery at a local hospital to remove the spot. Sounds like a good plan, right? Not so fast...
post image for Helping Member's Save Money | Florida Blue Center Ellen Smith, RN was delighted to assist Mr. B

Mr. B. explained to Ellen that he was shocked when the hospital called to schedule his pre-op appointment and was told he'd have to pay $5,000 because he had not yet met his $7,500 deductible. So, not only was he nervous about having a cancerous spot removed, he was also wondering how he was going to pay for it! So, Ellen sat with Mr. B., reviewed his benefits and confirmed which providers were in his plan’s network. But, unfortunately, he indeed had not met his $7,500 deductible. Now what? Mr. B. wondered out loud, "Would a doctor do this procedure in his office?" Bingo! His off-the-cuff remark set Ellen and Mr. B. in a different direction with a set of new questions, including asking in-network provider dermatologists and plastic surgeons about doing basal cell carcinoma surgery as an outpatient, that is, an overnight stay in a hospital is not required. Sure enough, armed with a list of providers, he and Ellen found doctor who could do the procedure in his office at a significant savings without sacrificing quality of care. In fact, Mr. B. saved more than $2,100 by asking a lot of questions and searching for a provider who could provide a less costly alternative in a non-hospital setting. Today Mr. B. is pleased he stopped by his local Florida Blue Center and benefited from the expertise and personal attention Ellen provided.  Find a Florida Blue Center near you.   Or when you log in at, see if you can save money by comparing providers by clicking Compare Medical Costs. Be sure to tell us about your valuable experiences while visiting your local Center by writing your comments below. We want to know how much you saved!

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Kate Warnock

Kate Warnock is a member of the Florida Blue social media team and has loved being at the forefront of the social wave @FLBlue. A marketer with ten years’ experience, Kate is also a wife and mom to two children. When not at work, you’ll find Kate listening to NPR, reading The New Yorker and Cooking Light, and arriving two minutes late to yoga class.

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Hey Cheryl! My name is Kate and I'm the social media community manager for Florida Blue. I sincerely appreciate you reaching out to us. What I can share with you is that our company is 100% dedicated to keeping the best possible care affordable and accessible to Floridians - and if we had accepted the original terms offered by Vital MD, we would have made that same care out of reach for most of their patients who are our members. The latest I've heard is that we are still trying to negotiate with Vital MD leadership. For now, I'd love for one of our care consultants to speak with you directly so they can assist you however they can. Would you email me at and include the best number to reach you, as well as your member ID. As an employee and a mother, I apologize for the stress this has created for you. Thank you for giving our care team the opportunity to help.

I just opened my mail and found out that my monthly premium increased $90.00 a month - I now will be paying $ 553.00 per month- over $6,600.00 a year for health insurance. I'm only 59 y/o , not over weight, exercise, eat only fruits/ vegetables, nuts, beans. But none of that matters because " of rising medical costs as well as the increasing age of the individuals covered by your plan." Why am I penalized because people get older and medical facilities charge unreasonable fees for their procedures/ tests. I don't know you all sleep at night - i know I won't be tonight.

Hello - we appreciate your comment and your frustration over receiving the rate increase for your plan. Florida Blue has many programs in place to lower the cost of health care for our members, and our sales agents can give you details on those, as well as alternate plans that might suit your needs. If you email us your contact information and member ID to, we'll have an agent reach out to you shortly.. If you'd prefer face-to-face support, you could visit one of our Florida Blue Centers ( Thank you!

What is the "Health Care Tax Credit" ? I already have Blue Cross Health Insurance from my employer and received a card in the mail that said " CLAIM YOUR HEALTH CARE TAX CREDIT TODAY" with a Priority Code of CGZV8 and would like to know what it means. Thank You Lana Collura

Hi Lana. The Health Care Tax Credit is more than likely the same as a subsidy - which is what the government will give you to help cover the cost of insurance, depending on how much you make per year. There is a chance that this is a solicitation, so the best thing to do would be to contact your group administrator, or call us directly to talk about the card. A subsidy is only provided from the government when you purchase an individual policy. I hope this helps! - Jonathan

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