Time is running out: Your 2019 HealthyBlue Rewards points expire December 31, 2019

Posted on Apr 28th 2019 by Florida Blue

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Chances are good that you’ve earned rewards for taking care of your health. So, be sure to check your 2019 HealthyBlue Rewards dashboard. All rewards points must be redeemed by midnight ET on December 31, 2019

Remember, we extended the deadline to December 31 to make sure every member has a chance to achieve Gold status in 2019. You’ll earn an extra $50 in rewards when you reach Gold status. Complete and report your eligible health activities on your HealthyBlue Rewards & Loyalty dashboard to enjoy your rewards sooner.

HealthyBlue is a rewards and loyalty program focused on keeping BlueMedicareSM members at their healthiest. Feel delighted throughout your plan year with gift cards and perks for completing healthy activities. It’s our way of saying “thanks” for being loyal to your health!

Who is it for?

HealthyBlue is a program for BlueMedicare HMO, PPO and Group PPO (Employer PPO) members. This includes BlueMedicare Complete (HMO D-SNP) members.

This program is currently not available for members in these plans:

  • BlueMedicare Preferred (HMO) and Preferred POS (HMO POS)
  • BlueMedicare Supplement
  • BlueMedicare Rx (PDP) and Group Rx (Employer PDP)

Eligible members can:

  • Earn and redeem gift card rewards for completing and reporting preventive care and screenings
  • Earn a $50 reward when you reach Gold status. (New!)
  • Check your rewards balance in your member account at floridablue.com/medicare. (New!)
  • Adopt a healthier lifestyle with health and wellness tips.
  • Get invited to exclusive events at Florida Blue Centers. (New!)

How do I redeem my HealthyBlue Rewards points?

Eligible BlueMedicare members will receive a HealthyBlue loyalty card in your 2019 welcome materials. It’s easy to get started by logging in:

Log in to your member account at <floridablue.com/medicare.

  • (If you’re a new member, you’ll first need to sign up for an account here.)
  • The first time you log in to your account in 2019 you’ll receive an online Welcome Program.
  • Complete the Welcome Program and you’ll see Bronze status show up in a few days on your HealthyBlue dashboard.

You can also manage your rewards dashboard from your member account at floridablue.com/medicare.

More information and eligibility rules can be found at floridablue.com/healthyblue.

Visit floridablue.com/healthyblue to download a copy of our HealthyBlue Rewards & Loyalty Brochure. You can also check here to see a list of frequently asked questions and answers about HealthyBlue Rewards & Loyalty.



Program restrictions and limitations may apply. For full details on program rules, visit floridablue.com/healthyblue or call 1-844-749-9926. Participation in HealthyBlue is voluntary and offered at no cost to you. The HealthyBlue program is not available to BlueMedicare Preferred (HMO) or BlueMedicare Preferred POS (HMO POS) members at this time. ©2019 Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, Inc., DBA Florida Blue. All rights reserved.




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