Give Yourself Some Credit

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It’s February – the season for love notes, flowers and heart-shaped chocolates. Maybe that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, or maybe it makes you want to fast-forward to March. Instead of putting pressure on your significant other or your relationship status, try treating yourself to some self-compassion this month.

Be kind to yourself. Show yourself the same empathy and concern that you show for others.

Connect with others. Spend time with people who make you feel understood and supported. 

Be mindful. Embrace each situation in the moment, and don’t dwell on the “what ifs.”

Self-compassion doesn't depend on your reaching ideal and possibly unrealistic goals. It comes from caring for yourself as you are, with your own balance of weak and strong points. People with self-compassion experience less anxiety and are more comfortable in their own skin.

If you can’t seem to shake depressive feelings or don’t feel like yourself, be sure to talk to your doctor. You can call the behavioral health number on the back of your health insurance card to speak to a professional at New Directions about what you’re experiencing and learn about your options for getting help.


Source: The StayWell Company, LLC ©2020

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