Get the Most Out of Your Florida Blue Health Plan This Year

Posted on Jan 23rd 2017 by Florida Blue

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Get the Most out of Your Florida Blue Health Plan This Year

Happy 2017! A new year brings lots of opportunities to make smart choices and start new habits that will set you up for success.  By choosing a Florida Blue health plan, you’ve already made one choice toward being as healthy as possible this year.

Use this checklist to get started, and bookmark the link to this article so you can easily get back to all the links later. Of course, you can also find  details about your plan by logging in to your member account at for individual plans or group plans through your employer or at for Medicare pans.  

Know How to Find a Doctor, Specialists and Other Providers

  • If you have a plan that provides a dedicated primary care doctor (PCP) to manage your care:
    • Log in to your member account at or and click My Account.
    • Look for My Primary Care Doctor under My Providers.
    • If you want to change your doctor, you can click View/Change next to My Primary Care Doctor and pick a new one in your network.     
  • To find a specialist in your plan’s network, click Tools, and then click Find a Doctor & More to search the Online Provider Directory:   
    • Simply type in the provider’s name, or select what type of doctor they are from the Provider Type drop-down list. Then click Search Now.
    • Be sure to get a referral from your regular doctor if your plan requires it.

Schedule Your Annual Wellness Checkup

It’s important to see your doctor each year, even if you aren’t sick. It’s a great way to keep an eye on your health and stay on track.

At this visit, your doctor will give you a physical, go over any medications you’re taking, give you a chance to talk to them about any ongoing health conditions or concerns and discuss ways to improve your health and wellness. Note: If your doctor uncovers or treats a health issue while you’re there and you need additional tests or treatment, you may have to pay for those since that’s outside of the “wellness” part of the visit.

Still not sure you should go see your doctor at least once a year? Watch this short video about the benefits of scheduling this important visit.

Keep Your Member ID Card Handy

If you have an individual plan or a group plan through your employer, you’ll notice that your card shows only the policyholder’s name. Rest assured, though, that doctors can check the names of everyone covered by your plan.

Misplace your card? If you’re the policyholder and you’re not on Medicare, you can print or view your the ID card anytime by logging in to your member account at

  • Click View ID Card Services
  • To print a paper ID card, click Print Card
  • To view your ID card, click View ID Card 
  • To request a replacement ID card, ensure the address is correct (update if needed) and click Submit


If you have a Medicare plan and need a replacement card, please call us at the number on your coverage documents. It’s a good idea to take a picture of your member ID card with your smart phone so you’ll have it nearby, just in case.

Know What Your Plan Covers

All of your plan’s information is available in your member account at When you log in, you’ll find your benefits, claimsand more. 

Health coverage can be complicated, so we’ve compiled some tips on how it works, plus an explanation of common, potentially confusing terms like premium, cost share and deductible. And watch this short video on using the “Know Before You Go” feature to compare costs of office visits, imaging, surgeries and prescriptions.

Find an Doctor & More: Available for Individual plans, group plans and all Medicare plan types

Compare Medical Costs: Available for Individual plans, group plans and Medicare Advantage plans (excludes Medicare Supplements and Part D plans)

Compare Drug Prices: Available for Individual plans, group plans, Medicare Advantage and Part D plans (excludes Medicare Supplement plans)

Calculate Your Drug Costs

Whether you take a medication every day or you need to fill a prescription when you get sick, use the Compare Drug Prices feature of your member account to find out how much you’ll pay for different drugs. Read on for even more ways to save money at the pharmacy.

Not sure if you need preapproval before filling a prescription? For non-Medicare plans, log in to your member account at or look at this medication guide and search by plan name.

If you are a Medicare member, take a look at your plan’s medication list, also called a formulary, to learn more about what drugs are covered as part of your prescription drug benefits.  

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