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Posted on Mar 30th 2011 by Florida Blue

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In the Pursuit of Health one day at a time!
Part 3 of 4
Too often we get stuck “in a rut” or become victim to our old habits. Creating change takes motivation, energy and the drive within yourself to be who you truly want to be.
This is the third of four inspiring stories of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida employees who have made a commitment to be all that they can be.
Virna Flores
Virna Flores is a Process Improvement Analyst with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida. As a child and  teenager, Virna was always overweight. In college, she started going to the gym with friends as she wanted to change her look and health, and it was a way to be social.
And then one day she had an epiphany – you have one life and one shot to be the best you can be! Virna realized that physical fitness and her health was a very personal venture and that her time in the gym was all about her.
She got focused. Virna lost 35 pounds and has maintained that over the last 20 years. She transformed herself from someone people thought of as overweight to a very healthy, fit woman. She has eliminated her risk for diabetes and high blood pressure, and has a lot of energy which she uses to keep up with her two children.  During both of Virna’s pregnancies, she worked out up until her due date and wore a heart monitor to make sure she was not exceeding her limits.  Today, Virna runs and has encouraged her children to run and/or bike with her. She also makes exercise fun at home. She does crunches during the commercials of her favorite TV shows and lifts weights with the whole family (using canned food items from the kitchen as “dumbbells”).   She continuously strives to teach her two boys the importance of having a lifestyle of health and fitness. 
It’s contagious. Virna’s two kids are very tuned into exercise and eating right – something Virna wasn’t at their age. She’s hoping her healthy lifestyle  will make an imprint on the next generation. She’s also encouraged her husband and her parents - all are now walking on a regular basis. It’s hard to be a couch potato with a rock star for a wife, mother or daughter.
Virna’s words of advice for those wishing to get started on a path to fitness:   “Working out and staying fit really makes a difference in your lifestyle.   Growing up, I was that chubby girl with no friends. I grew up and looked at myself in the mirror and I had to do something with myself.   When you workout, you get your blood flowing and you feel great.  Just take that one step of walking around your block; instead of eating a cookie, eat a piece of fruit.  “Rome was not built in a day.” Do it one day at a time.  Before you know it, you will be running a 5K or more like me.   At the beginning, I could barely run 1 mile.   YOU  need to take that first step to a healthy lifestyle.  YOU CAN DO IT!!   I did and I feel GREAT.  I will keep maintaining my workout until I can no longer do it.  I am determined to stay fit and healthy.”
Got an inspiring story to share?  We want to hear it!

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