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Posted on Mar 7th 2011 by Florida Blue

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In the pursuit of health one day at a time! Part 1 of 4
We are often inspired and motivated by people that make dramatic and drastic changes for the better. For example, I cry every week while watching The Biggest Loser and have a few moments where I promise to be as much like Jillian Michaels as I can be. And then I have a chocolate chip cookie and wait for the next episode.
However – there is real inspiration – tangible inspiration – found all around us. There are people just like you and me doing amazing things to improve their health and the health of their families’ one step at a time.
We want to share four inspiring stories of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida employees who have made a commitment to be all that they can be and who have made some pretty dramatic health improvements along the way.
Melissa Price – Superwoman!
Melissa, a busy mother of five young children, had her first child 10 years ago and has struggled with weight ever since. Making the time to balance work and family obligations while taking care of oneself is a struggle for many women today.
Last year – as she faced high blood pressure and a risk for diabetes – Melissa made the personal commitment to lower her BMI(Body Mass Index) from over 30 (which put her in the obese category ) to under 25. To do this, she joined the “Ultimate Weight-Loss Challenge” at the YMCA. Through this program she met with a personal trainer once a week for ten weeks and had the opportunity to attend 3 nutrition classes. She participated in cardio exercise six days a week and strength training for two days a week.
Don’t have enough time? Think again. If Melissa can make time for exercise, anyone can. Her advice: “set your mind to it”. She does all of her gym time at 8pm in the evening once her work day is over and the kids are settling down.
She got hooked! Melissa has lost 63 pounds or 33% of her bodyweight since she began the program. She’s also eliminated her high blood pressure and diabetes’ risk. She’s achieved her target BMI – but reaching her goal was just the beginning.
Now physical fitness is an everyday part of Melissa’s family life. To mix it up and keep it fun, she goes for bike rides on Jekyll Island with her family, participates in 5k races and loves to hike State park trails. This is the second year in a row that she will participate in The Original Mud Run Jacksonville – a fundraiser for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society North Florida Chapter. And it’s contagious! Her daughter just signed up for her first triathlon.
A few other words of wisdom from Melissa:
  • Change up what you do to make it challenging and fun.
  • Know your food. Depending on where you go or how you make it – all turkey sandwiches are not created equal.
  • Only weigh yourself once a week.
  • Make technology work for you. Melissa uses the Simple Weight Recorder and the Calorie Counter apps on her mobile phone.
Got an inspiring story to share? We want to hear it!

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