Florida Blue's Commitment to Reducing Costs, Providing Access, Improving Quality

Posted on Jun 28th 2012 by Florida Blue

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To Our Key Stakeholders: Today, the Supreme Court of the United States issued its ruling on the Affordable Care Act (ACA). In its opinion, the U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the constitutionality of the law. As such, Florida Blue will continue to implement the law’s provisions on a timely basis. Florida Blue will also continue to proactively partner with both the state and federal governments to transform our health care system. I want to reassure you that Florida Blue continues to support a strong vision for comprehensive health care reform that reduces costs, provides universal access to coverage and improves the overall quality of care. At Florida Blue, we believe that we must work together in the pursuit of health. Every day, we’re focusing on helping people take more responsibility for their health. Through our Florida Blue Centers, our online tools and our care consultants, we’re helping our members make better health decisions. Additionally, we’re partnering with providers and members to create and use new delivery models like Accountable Care Organizations and Patient-Centered Medical Homes (which place an emphasis on a patient’s individual medical needs). It’s all part of our commitment to make health care more affordable, increase access to quality services and empower consumers with tools and information to manage their health wisely. Post image for Supreme Court Ruling We believe in Florida. Our deep roots here go back nearly 70 years, and it’s in our DNA to help Florida’s communities stay healthy. In the days ahead, we will be conducting a thorough analysis of the decision in order to understand its impact and the changes we must make to better serve you.     Regards, Patrick J. Geraghty Chairman and CEO Florida Blue Florida’s Blue Cross and Blue Shield Company * For more information or to submit a question regarding Health Care Reform please visit floridablue.com

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A lot of great information for agents as well as individuals looking for health insurance. I great place to self educate before you make a big committment with health insurance. VERY HELPFUL INFORMATION

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