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Posted on Sep 6th 2012 by Kate Warnock

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Just what is that Florida Blue Center you may drive past or walk by each day? Well, in a nutshell, it is a place you can go to help you make sense of health care, whether you’re a Florida Blue member or not. Our website describes all the features of the Centers, but at the heart of each location are the people who work there. In this and in future articles, we’ll profile some of the Center staff to help you get to know them on a personal level. We are pleased to introduce Kate Spilsbury, a Jacksonville Center sales consultant.
"“I try to empathize with those that come in for help."

We asked Kate a few background questions to start, and - wow – we were left scratching our heads! How did someone who worked as a chef on a train in Alaska, was the director of a local Big Brothers Big Sisters chapter, and is a self-professed adventure junky, come to be the top sales consultant of all Florida Blue Centers in 2011? Kate’s answer is the key to her success:  “I try to empathize with those that come in for help. On a daily basis we talk with people who may have lost their job, a loved one, or have other difficult trials in life. Being a sales consultant, I listen and empathize with people and their situation so I can understand their needs to find them the best options.” We discovered her efficiency doesn’t hurt, either:  “I am extremely organized and I believe that causes me to be very effective in my job. I know I have been successful in my position when customers mention how I helped their application process be quick and painless.” If you are this good, it’s not surprising that happy new members take the time to drop you a note like this one:  Kate, thank you so much for your courtesy and patience with us on Saturday.  I've just reviewed all the paperwork and am satisfied that we made the correct choice.  You helped us cut through all the weeds. You deserve a raise!!
"Kate possesses a level of empathy many do not have and has wonderful communication and problem solving skills"

Pretty amazing when you realize that Kate had no prior sales experience before being hired for the Jacksonville Center’s sales position. What was it that made her stand apart from the other candidates when she was interviewed by the Jacksonville Center leader, Nick Tant? Nick was more than happy to respond: “From the instant I met Kate it was obvious she was 100% focused on meeting or exceeding the needs of her customers.  Kate possesses a level of empathy many do not have and has wonderful communication and problem solving skills. Furthermore, it was obvious she has a desire to succeed and knows the best way to achieve her personal and team goals are to provide best-in-class, knowledgeable guidance and service to everyone she works with.  We aren’t a high pressure sales environment, but rather a team of focused experts here to serve Floridians.  Kate is a role model for all our consultants across the state.” We are #FloridaProud of Kate and the warmth, professionalism and care she brings to her position. If you haven’t been to the Florida Blue Center near you, we invite you to stop by and meet the talented staff at each of our ten locations. Kate and all our Center employees help make sense of health care at the Florida Blue Centers.

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Kate Warnock

Kate Warnock is a member of the Florida Blue social media team and has loved being at the forefront of the social wave @FLBlue. A marketer with ten years’ experience, Kate is also a wife and mom to two children. When not at work, you’ll find Kate listening to NPR, reading The New Yorker and Cooking Light, and arriving two minutes late to yoga class.

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Way to go Kate - great story (I always knew you had it in you)!!

My dauhghter is no longer eligible for coverage by my CHP because she has turned 26 as of September of this year. I am trying to purchase a health insurance for her at a price I can afford. She is a 3rd year student at Coastal Law College in Jacksonville and has never been employed. Her coverage under my CHP will run out on December 31st. Can you please provide me some information about coverage and cost? Should I stop by your office in Tallhassee to discuss?

Hi this is Wes with the social media team. We will be happy to assist you in obtaining coverage for your daughter. You can visit the Tallhassee Florida Blue store or if you want someone to call you to discuss this, please email your contact info to socialmedia@floridablue.com.

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