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Posted on Jun 10th 2015 by Florida Blue

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Regularly challenging yourself with mental exercises and new activities keeps your mind running on all four cylinders. In fact, adults who engage in mentally stimulating activities are 63% less likely to develop dementia than those who rarely do such activities, according to a New England Journal of Medicine study. A University of Michigan study also found that adults who play a mentally challenging game every day for several weeks can dramatically improve their memory. Playing these games, along with eating certain foods and exercising can boost your brainpower up to 78%!
  1. Name your colors Challenge your ability to stay focused: Quickly read out loud the color that each word is printed in—not the word itself. Try it repeatedly to see if you can improve.
name your colors brain game
  1. In just 7 words Test your creativity with this verbal challenge. Write a short story—and use only seven words to tell your tale. (Bonus: This will boost your Twitter and Facebook storytelling skills).
  1. Opposite day Build new connections between brain cells by putting your non-dominant hand into action. If you’re a rightie, use your left hand to perform daily tasks such as brushing your teeth, combing your hair, and eating. Even try to write with your other hand. Does using your non-dominant hand become any easier over the course of the day?
  1. Count backward Here’s a brain workout that will help keep your mind on track. Try these three exercises in simple subtraction:

1.Beginning at 200, count backward, subtracting 5 each time (200, 195, 190...).

2. Beginning at 150, count backward, subtracting 7 each time (150, 143, 136...).

3. Beginning at 100, count backward, subtracting 3 each time (100, 97, 94...).

  1. Rebus rally

Each of the word combinations below represents a common phrase. Can you figure out all 6? To get started, we’ll give you the first one: “Big bad wolf”. Can you see why?

rebus rally brain game

Answers: Big bad wolf, slow down, read between the lines, eggs over easy, keep in touch, scotch on the rocks

Source: prevention.com 1Developed as part of a brain-boosting lifestyle program called the Brainpower Game Plan by Cynthia Green, PhD, an assistant clinical professor in the department of psychiatry at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and founder of its renowned Memory Enhancement Program.

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A very good game

Our 22yr old daughter born into a (prebirth purchased) Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Ins. At birth neither parent had maternity coverage so we purchased BCBS of Florida for her only. Now this adult child with a part time job and full time University studies finds her insurance premium impossible at $426. monthly. Maybe this brain exercise will help her to understand how this premium got so out of control!

Deborah, If you could have your daughter email socialmediasupport@bcbsfl.com with her DOB and member number, we will have one of our representatives assist her. Please note for security reasons, I have deleted your personal information it does not become public when posting on this blog. Kind Regards, Victoria


Fun games. Hope they really help my brain. Thanks

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