Eating Healthy Starts at Home

Posted on Apr 25th 2012 by Florida Blue

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You’re always on the go. Whether you’re on the way to work, heading to classes at school, meeting up with a friend, or spending time with family, it’s often hard to find the time to prepare a healthy meal. Often, the easiest way to save time is to hit the drive-thru or call for delivery. But that’s also one of the easiest ways to fall into bad eating habits. Healthy eating habits start with what you stock your home with. Here are a few quick tips from WebMD on what you can do to eat healthier:
  • Keep a well-stocked pantry and refrigerator. Staples that include whole grains, all-natural ingredients low in sodium, and reduced-fat are excellent items to have on a regular basis.
  • Dust off your slow cooker. Set aside some time in the morning to assemble the ingredients, put the cooker on low, and head to work. When you arrive home, dinner will be ready to serve.
  • When you’re pressed for time,  consider easy dinner options like “soup and sandwich night”, “breakfast for dinner night” or “salad night.”
Eating healthier starts with you cooking more at home. But it’s also important to be realistic and know that you will often go out to eat. When you dine in a restaurant, try to stay away from foods that are likely to damage your healthy living routine. Try to avoid dessert and creamy salad dressings that can be full of fat. Little changes can be a huge help to your routine. Florida Blue is here to help you make these right choices. Stop by one of our Florida Blue Centers for help starting your healthy living routine. Our friendly staff can help you find resources in your community, like gyms and workshops, where you can start on your path to a healthier lifestyle.  

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I agree! I am on a mission to teach people how easy it can be to cook at home, much healthier than eating out. We all need to be in control over what goes into our food.

Thanks for the comment! It's great to hear that you have a passion to help others on their journey to a healthier lifestyle. Tell us, what are you doing to teach people how easy it can be to cook at home?

I would like to cancel all of the insurance that is being garnished from my payroll.Why)#1reason is that it cost more than was anticipated.#2It places us, my wife and I in such a bind that it's no joke actually leaves us penniless and broke.Please help

Good afternoon David, Sorry for the delayed response. We would love to help you out, my name is Katie and I work on the social media team here at Florida Blue. If you could, please send me an email to with you contact information and we will have Nikki, from our service team reach out to you. Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions.

How can bcbsfl think that using a 3rd party payor like CareCentrix is a good idea!? Minimed and several other DME providers I have used for years would bill me promptly for equipment ordered. You are paying a 3rd party to make your service to patients worse. CareCentrix takes 4 months to bill me for equipment I have consumed months ago. Most of the time equipment ordered on the same day is even invoiced separately weeks & months apart. Will someone please explain the benefit? The DME providers don't want it, the patients don't want it, BSBCAL doesn't want it, so how does it help you BCBSFL?

Kelli, we appreciate your comment and would like to have our service team connect with you directly so they can look into the issues you’ve had with CareCentrix. If you email us your contact info and member ID to, we’ll forward it so they can call you. We hope they can rectify this situation. Thanks, Victoria with the social media team.

How long does it take for a claim that was mailed in to even show up on a members page? I submitted 2 months worth of massage therapy bills about a month ago and still haven't seen them on the site.

Barbara, we’d be happy to investigate the status of your claims. If you could email your contact information and member ID to, we’ll have a service associate connect with you directly. Thank you! ~Victoria with the social media team

I have been trying to cancel policy #------- by phone since Jan. 2nd & . I have not been able to get through to the right extension, been on hold, & waited 1/2 hr. each time. I have a new policy, with you that started Jan. 1st. Please let me know if you can cancel this for me? James Mann

James, I'm sorry you've had a hard time getting through via the phone. Someone will be emailing you as soon as possible. Thank you - Victoria

Does blue cross blue shield cover circumcision in hospital

Hello Martin. Thank you for contacting us. If you would like to speak to someone about your plans' benefits, please send an email to Please include your name, date of birth, and phone number. Thank you! -Jonathan

Ive been having problems with my insurance. I called and there was a ticket put in and I just got information and its not the information I asked for and my insurance information on website is also still incorrect. Ive been paying when m6 out of pocket max was met a while back.

Hello Nicole, sorry for the delay and if you still need assistance, we would like to help. Please email us at for personal support. Include your full name, policy information and a contact phone number. Sharon

Hi. I have some questions about weight loss surgery. I have the insurance where I have no deductible and was looking into this surgery. First question is what is the weighting period to get approved for this type of surgery. Next one is would I have to pay anything out of the pocket. I live in South Carolina so I think all of our Dr's are out of network..

Hello Tonya, the benefits for each policy do vary, so we would need to speak to you to determine your specific benefits. Please email us at for additional help. Include your full name, policy information and phone number for additional help. Thanks Sharon

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