Earn up to $500 in Rewards When You #StayHealthyatHome

Posted on Apr 17th 2020 by Florida Blue

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Earn up to $500 in Rewards When You #StayHealthyatHome

While some aspects of life are slowly returning to normal, that doesn’t mean you aren’t still feeling the heavy impact of the coronavirus. The coronavirus has complicated life in ways we couldn’t have expected. That’s why resources like our online wellness and rewards program, Better You Strides, are helpful with staying connected and healthy while staying at home.

To help you during this challenging time, we’re creating more opportunities for premium assistance through our Better You Strides program. If you purchased an Affordable Care Act plan for you and your family (not through your job), here are some ways you can earn money toward your premium.  

More rewards and flexibility

Don’t let staying home stop you from earning rewards. Instead of $100, you can now earn up to $500 a year in rewards for doing healthy activities online. That’s an extra $400 toward your premium. We’re also making it easier to complete activities online and get rewarded.

  • You can now complete all six reward activities any time you want. You are no longer limited to completing one per quarter.
  • You and each of the dependents on your plan age 18 or older can complete the rewards activities. That’s $500 each, per year, toward the cost of your premium. So, if four people on your plan qualify and do the wellness programs, you could save up to $2,000 toward your premiums this year!

Start your journey by taking 15–20 minutes to complete a personal health assessment. You’ll immediately earn $250 in rewards when you complete it, and it will set the path for the health and wellness activities, videos and quizzes you tackle along the way.

The wellness activity topics can be educational or interactive and include managing your health conditions, healthy snacking, planning meals and managing stress—all things that could prove valuable right now. You’ll now earn $50 in rewards for each eligible self-guided health and wellness program you complete (up to four programs). When you finish one program, you’ll get choices for the next one.

You can also earn an additional $50 in rewards by completing the “Reduce My Premium” journey card. You’ll have access to the activity immediately upon logging in to your Florida Blue account and clicking on Better You Strides.

Get started now!

  • If you haven’t already, register by logging in to your account at floridablue.com.
  • Complete your personal health assessment, and then get started by choosing from the activities available to you. Rewardable activities will be clearly marked with a dollar amount.

Note: If you want to track your progress through wearable fitness devices, you can connect them through the AlwaysOn app for Apple and Google. The information is also available on your desktop (log in to your Florida Blue account and click on Better You Strides) and/or the app (log in, click on wellness, then select Better You Strides). 

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